Hey, welcome to another podcast with advanced commercial systems. We are the home of the roof nerds and we are the best at what we do. There is no Bruce nerd that’s more nerdy than us. We, uh, we see the intrinsic value of going and just continually educating ourselves on the Commercial Roofing Tulsa highest level of products, the highest level of our, our role in being able to install or apply the products. You know, we’re always saving money. We’re always saving our clients money. Okay. So this is how I do repairs. I started doing repairs this way. Let me say it that way. I don’t do it this way necessarily anymore, but when I began my company years and years ago, no one could ever really knew quite a few people in the industry. And I’ve been in the industry with other companies, but I never really found a good resolution to um, pricing repairs because every single repair, the repairs can be grouped in about 40 different categories of what you’re doing, how you’re doing it per size.

Well when I would sit down and try to come up with a systematic formula of pricing repairs in commercial roofing Tulsa, nothing really made sense because one job, we would be there three hours on in one job, 30 minutes, and here I am endeavoring to charge the same price, you know, but we didn’t, we didn’t foresee that we were going to be there three hours. We didn’t foresee the other job we were going to be there only 30 minutes. We try our best to evaluate what’s going to take place. But once you break into a membrane, once you, once you remove four inches of dirt from a ponding area, well you suddenly now, now you got a good idea of what’s going on with that roof. And you might have to really pull up the entire membrane for one square area and replace the decking or coming to that area.

And it’s about two inches load is going to be a ponding area. Again, you might have to build that area up, which can add a whole nother day of work. And so I’ll go off in bid something $700 and it’d be two days worth of job using two guys, a crew. Um, a lot of work. You’ve been at $700 and you’re using $570 in materials. So it didn’t make sense. Now I’ve got some property managers that let me do the job and then when I’m done with the job, I build them. Uh, and I don’t share with the prices with them beforehand. They trust me and I, I’m honest and ethical with them and I share with them the good, bad and ugly of, of what it could be and what it is fear in commercial roofing Tulsa. That’s what we find so many times is a lot of people in the industry, uh, that trusts you.

They just say, Hey, go get this fixed. And, uh, you know, send me an invoice. Because when I, you know, I’ve done it after I got done probably about 30 jobs with these guys, 30 or 40 jobs where this one property management company, they had a good idea and they basically said, if you’re anything over $1,000 let us know. Well now that’s moved up to about $2,000 so I’ll have a thousand dollar jobs. I’ll do those every day. And not having any issues with that and you know, doing over $1,000 and not really be a big deal. Commercial Roofing Tulsa No one’s really demanding that. They find out before I start to work with that property management company, but I still have about a 1500 $2,000 cap or I’m trying to honor them and make sure that, you know, I’m not just doing it a lot of work and billing them and they don’t have it in their budget. You know, really good property management companies. They’re going to know

if they’re working with you and they know you when you go to bid a job, they’re going to have a pretty good idea of where the pricing’s going to come in. And if it’s the pricing ends up being higher and really be, is something that goes beyond what it should be, the norm that you’re used to bidding and estimating that uh, they can communicate with you. And that’s what I found was a timer to, they’d share with me, hey your, your, your numbers seem kinda high. And actually, uh, one of the property management companies out of Dallas, I had done for jobs for them, um, through another company here in town. And so they called me about a month, month and a half ago. And I said, hey listen, you know, can we, can you give us a discount? And just by asking, I took $800 off of, you know, it was probably about $4,000 or 40, I don’t know, $3,700 of estimates.

I took $800 off because they asked, because at the end of the day, I believe what the Bible says, the Bible says, if at all possible, live peaceably, if that all possible, live peaceably with all men. You know, that applies to Commercial Roofing Tulsa, that applies to us here as well. So in business, if it doesn’t hurt me, I want to bend over sometimes and, and, and, and be a blessing, not bend over. That’s not the right way of saying I want to be flexible and endeavor to be a blessing to someone else. Now they, that company, they weren’t happy with all aspects of their roof and they know their roof is junk. And that’s why I would work on at four different times in four different areas. And they have neglected their roof. They have not done a good job taking care of the roof. And that’s why, I mean, honestly, I gave him an estimate twice now to fully replace the roof for about 55 $56,000 and they will not have a problem with it for 20 years or more.

And anything that was going on with it would be covered by 20 year in warranty. Uh, owl does that India warranty probably put it on there for about $1,300 extra out of their pocket. So for $13 a hundred dollars extra the next 20 years, they don’t put a dime into the roof unless there’s a crazy, um, unfortunate storm that comes through and causes damage. But with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, marriage, uh, if you, if you need anything in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, we’d love to hear from you. It’s what we do every day is what we’re passionate about and you can reach us at any time out of 24 hour number. It’s always on. If you don’t hear from us within a few minutes, just be patient cause we’re coming, our number is (918) 973-1010. And we always have someone extra phone always ready, you know, to make it work.

And so we don’t have an answer in service. Okay. A lot of companies, they have answering services and I’ve been on the phone with a lot of those and you know, I mean they kind of do their job but it always just, it seems like there’s no urgency with these guys and we wanted to be able to resound the urgency that we hear from you. If you call us at 10 30 on a Friday night, uh, I would like for us to have urgency. Like if there’s a storm is hitting you and you just went by the office to pick up some checks, you forgotten your desk, you walk in at 10 30 and oh my gosh, water’s coming down the wall and it’s fixing to get out of that bathroom and reach over into the hardwood in the hallway. Call us. My Gosh, as long as it’s not crazy lightening or tornado winds, you know, if the winds are below 30 miles an hour, um, we’ll call him up there.

If it’s a safe scenario, if it’s a steep, if it’s a metal roof, that’s two story, I’m not climbing up there. If it’s a one story, almost any scenario, we’ll get up there and we’ll get the leak stopped. For the most part, most roofs other than metal, we’ll find the leak and make the link go away unless there’s a large spawning area. And then I’ll just, basically, Commercial Roofing Tulsa you need to put some buckets in the room and it catch the water because you can’t work with a pawning area when there’s a lot of dirt in the dark, you just, you’re not going to find the leak unless it’s something extremely obvious. Advanced commercial systems has been doing this. We’ve been doing this a long time, and that’s why we really liked the name, the roof nerves, because all the experience, all the product knowledge, all the material knowledge, all the many roofs have many estimates, many jobs that we’ve done.

Not, not am I in I mini, but Manny or m a n y meaning there’s been a lot of them. We’ve done so many roofs, just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of roofs. And that’s when I really said, you know, what we’re, we’re getting to begin with is someone, they say, when someone does something for 10 years, they become an expert at it. And we’ve just started our 11th year. That’s kind of cool. But yeah, I’ve heard that said, uh, I’ve also served her that said that a woman can talk, you know, over 10,000 words in the day, and sometimes w w when with just doing these podcasts, sometimes we’ll doing podcasts. I feel like I’m talking 10,000 words a day, but I might not be. Well, Hey, this is just Marty, just plain old Marty here with advanced commercial systems. You know, I’m the owner and founder of this company and that’s why I really do most of the podcasts.

Hardly anyone else does anymore. I do most of the podcasts and the reason why I do them is because I want to share the heart and the mind of who we are, Commercial Roofing Tulsa what we’re about, how we do what we do, and we’re just passionate of serving people. You know, if, if we were, if we were quilting quilts, if that was our call, if that was our purpose, if that’s what we were knee deep and do it, that’s what I’d be passionate about. I’d be passionate about quilts and yarn and thread and needles and designs and stuff. Now, my grandmother, she was passionate about quilts. She did them all the time. She made me a quilt with a long cabin theme that had no low cabin on and it was just as design that was named Law Kevin that mess with me for a few years trying to figure out why she’s calling it log cabin. She finally explained to me that this is the pattern, not a cabin,

but here at avast carceral systems are pat them. Our pattern that we show many, many times results. The same thing that we are here to serve you and give you a great experience. Give us a call today at (918) 973-1010 here in commercial roofing Tulsa. We would absolutely love for you, you know, to give us a call and if you’re in the Commercial Roofing Tulsa, so arena or area, hey, you know you can come out and even see us. We had our office area or you can just go on our website at www dot okay. Roof nerds.com here in commercial roofing Tulsa. And we would specifically love to communicate with you and help you in any way that we can. Hey, we hope you guys have a great day.