I was talking to my husband yesterday and he was telling me all about how, um, he saved a client a lot of money by going and doing a free roof evaluation and estimate. And that client, um, thought that they needed, you know, multiple roofs replaced and it turned out they just needed repairs. And this is the kind of thing that happens with us every day. We go up on roofs and, um, you know, sometimes it goes the other way. We’ll go on a roof and we’ll, we’ll find that, um, they think it can be repaired and we give them, you know, the news that it might, it might need to be replaced. We can repair it. You know, you can, you can patch up holes and stuff, but eventually, you know, it’s going to just, it needs to be replaced. So, um, but we, I, we were talking, Marty and I were talking yesterday about this, this lady, and, um, she, she was so thankful that she was working with an honest roofing company.

And, uh, so I talked about that in my last podcast is, is how he was able to save them. So much money by not trying to milk them for all their worth by doing replacement when they really only needed a roof repair done on their different roofs and, and multiple repairs on a single roof. You know, you may have some seems open and up and um, you know, there’s so many different ways they can be repairs. There’s patches they may have to do welding. Um, but there’s also something called roof restoration. So we’ll talk about that a little bit. There are roof coatings and we are certified to do roof coatings, um, with a couple of different companies. And, um, we can do those in a way that they are warrantied. And so it’s important to use a company that has been certified with the different products so that they can, um, do a warranty on the products that are, that and the repair and the, basically the coding or the restoration that’s been done on your roof.

So, um, let’s say your roof is, is a few years old, but it’s not, it’s not ready to be replaced. You know, they have a certain life. Um, and so a coding, it’s just basically a thick layer of, um, of this product that can be put on and it adds for a fraction of the cost. It can add years to the life of your commercial roofing Tulsa. And so there’s oftentimes that we can save our clients money by, um, by doing a roof restoration that way. And it can, uh, you know, just really extend the life of your roof with a roof restoration. So we send our experts up to your Commercial Roofing Tulsa, listen, your commercial roofing Tulsa. We’ll send our experts up to your roof and they can see if your roof is an option, if, if it is a, you know, um, if, if it can be reconditioned.

And, uh, so, so they generally, it begins with them taking a core sample to gather important data and they determine the current condition and how many layers are on the roof. And they’ll evaluate the deck substructure the credibility and devise a plan and whether or not they can restore the roof. And this plan generally includes smart solutions and making necessary repairs, um, and then reconditioning the roof membrane. Um, with the, with the highly reflective UV, uh, roof coating like we talked about. And so our guys are, um, are certified to do this and to do this restoration system with different products. And so as long as they do it with these particular products, it can warranty, um, your roof and keep it watertight for many years to come. So we can, it will extend the life of your roof. So while roof repairs focuses on a specific area of a roof, a roof restoration embraces the entire roof in any penetrations that are on the entire roof.

And so your commercial roofing Tulsa can basically get a new life. And so, uh, we often use poly gas polyglass roofing. Um, what was the other, I’m trying to think the other. Anyway, there’s a couple of different ones and um, we use a full line of silicone based products because of their last disability and the longterm warranty that, that are associated with those. And so we bring the best product knowledge to work for you. And that’s where our systems are. Genius, that’s far our guys are genius. And listen, you don’t have to understand all of this. You just have to know who to call. And the person to call for your commercial roofing. Tulsa is, you can call Marty at (918) 973-1010 give him a call or talk to one of our other roof nerds and we would love to come out and see a fruit restoration is a, an option for you and your commercial roofing.

Tulsa, you know, our guys had an advanced commercial system. Our roof nerds are here to serve you. They want to come and just give you a free roof evaluation and let you know where you stand, whether you need repairs, restoration or if you need a complete roof replacement where there for you also. And we work with insurance companies. You know, if it’s a roof replacement, that can be an expensive undertaking. So you want to make sure you have a good reputable company who has a commercial endorsement. You know, in Oklahoma it’s a little illegal to work on flat roofs, um, to do repairs, replacements. It’s illegal to do it without your commercial endorsement. And we had advanced commercial systems. We have that commercial endorsement. That means we’ve passed, um, extensive testing and we are certified through the state of Oklahoma to work on, um, on Commercial Roofing Tulsa.

Tulsa are any commercial roofs in the Greater Tulsa in all of Oklahoma. We’re certified to work on those routes. If you have people that are not, um, um, they, the commercial, the, I think it’s the construction industry board will come down on you and they will, um, they can find you, they can find the roofer. It’s, it’s a, it’s a pretty serious offense. So it’s important to have someone who has gone through the certification, has gone through the testing, um, and uh, to work on your roof because you know, you’re getting something well done and you’re getting it done. Well, hey, listen, it’s also important to make sure that you have a roofing company that has a great testimonies and great endorsements from their clients. If you’ll go on our website at okay, roof nerds.com, you’ll see that. Um, we have, not only do we have video testimonials, we also have, um, you can go to our Google, you can Google us and we have excellent testimonials and um, what are those called?

Reviews. Of course Google reviews. We have many Google reviews and you will like what you see and what you read about advanced commercial systems because our clients are happy with, with what they see and what the in with their experience with advanced commercial systems and our roof nerds because um, our guys, I mean their quality, you know, we’re quality and we want to bring our quality to you and your commercial roofing Tulsa. So, um, why roof nerves? Well, they’re experts. That’s what I want to tell Ya. They’re experts in the field of Commercial Roofing Tulsa and they want to work for you. We have, we’ve worked with so many different companies and our systems are genius and they want to assist you in this, in this undertaking because we know that you’re, this is one of your most important investments for your commercial roofing Tulsa. This, your car, your roof is an important investment to your business and you don’t want it to, um, you don’t want to set it aside in May and have leaks or something that could cause some major damage within your business and cause your business to come to a standstill for any reason because you have flooding or um, electrical problems because of leaks.

I mean, it’s a serious thing that you don’t want to ignore. So if you think there’s any chance that you’ve had held image or storm damage, you know, you know, heavy snow fall that sat there, um, give us a call. We, you know, we also are available for emergency repairs and you can, we’ll do our roof inspection. It’s free. So it’s important to, to give our guys a call. They have product knowledge, they have technical expertise and they can go up on your roof and just let you know they’ll, they use, um, stay the state of the art equipment and they will take photos, they can do video, they have a drone footage, they can do all those types of things for you so that you can really know what is going on on your commercial roofing Tulsa, you know, you can give us a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. And I mentioned we have other clients we’ve worked for Chewies, Walgreens, farmer’s insurance, bs in sports, Maggio’s, kindercare, farmers. Um, there’s so many businesses in town that’s just a name. I’m just naming a few. Um, and we’ve worked for a retail outlets, uh, entire industrial parks we’ve done. So it’s multiple businesses that we’ve done work for and we want to just tell you that with us. It’s not rocket science, true science. So if you have a commercial roofing Tulsa that you would like for us to look at, give us a call and stay dry.