Advanced courses systems is a Commercial Roofing Tulsa and the Greater Tulsa Northeast Oklahoma area. And so many times get to the question, what makes you better? What makes you different than other guys? Why choose us? Well, let me just go through some of the basics of single ply membranes. We are professionals with single ply membranes in commercial roofing, Tulsa. We’ve gone to classes. We’ve installed a many, many, many, uh, thousands, hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of square feet of single ply PVC and a TPO. Thermo polyolefin membranes built up roofing modified bit. Uh, we are professionals in the asphalt roofing industry, liquid coatings. We are certified being able to offer full mdls for single ply roofing for TPO, roofing, full NDL warranties for liquid coatings like Gaco, like polyglass, some of the top names in the industry. And then also we do multi flam family roofs. We do multifamily apartments.

Uh, we’re really good with steep slope. We’ve done over 320 steep slope roofs and many of those were Paul bought by the insurance company. Uh, we repair and do maintenance on a 24 hour scan, a scale. So with Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So we’re always on top of metal roofing, repairs, maintenance. Now our maintenance plan, we’ve specifically designed it to cater to what we want to do and who we are. And so really at the end of the day we’ve come up with a really cool name. I like it a lot. I come up with it. It’s called the smart roof plan. It’s kind of a play off of us being the commercial roof nerds. And so the roof nerves here with advanced commercial systems, we have a smart plan for you because we’re nerds. We have a smart roof plan. And so the smart roof plan really consist of multiple things.

Um, three major things that we bring to you with a smart roof plan. It is a biannual free checkup. So every, every six months from when we start to plan a, we start to plan with a checkup. And then every six months after that, if you stay in the plan, the smart roof plan with advanced commercial systems, which by the way, our phone number is (918) 973-1010. But our smart roof plan is really a great plan. A that starts off with every six months you been able to get a full detailed report of the current condition of your roof. If there’s been any changes in the last six months and you might think to yourself, oh, I’ve got a 20 year roof. Six months isn’t anything. Well that’s absolutely incorrect. I tell you, I inspect roofs and have inspected roofs for many years now and I’ve inspected roofs on a consistent basis.

Some of the roofs to see the of what’s happened over a two month, four month, six month period of time, one year, two year, five year period of time. And it really is staggering just in a six month period of time. How much can take place on the roof. Uh, having nothing to do with mother nature, like the wind and hail, basically having to do with just really a large part of just the hot and the cold changes that we have here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa some and the Greater Tulsa area. You know, we’ll have a 70 degree day and it’ll go down to 27 at night. It can, it can have that much of a variance in Oklahoma. So think of the heating and the cooling, the contraction in retraction that these roofs are dealing with. When you have something like that, let’s get into real quick little commercial roof repairs and let’s cover some of the things that real quickly just jump out at us.

When we were on the roof, one of which is holes and punctures. You know, these in a roofing membrane, um, it can be caused from debris can be caused from something coming from a tree. It can be caused from people throwing rocks. I have seen rocks the size of baseballs that someone has thrown with sharp jagged edges thrown up on a roof. I have seen so many roofs with holes in the membranes from h Vac contractors, screws and screwdrivers picking up heavy machinery and just setting it down the TPO and, and, and gouging a, a two inch wide hole. Uh, we had some pipes out of some PVC pipes that went to some HVHC units at one of the buildings. I’ll do maintenance to, um, at 51st and Sheridan and a very large building about 200 squares that we did a roof on a few years ago. And I’m sorry.

No, no, no, no. It was about 450 squares. It was about a $200,000 roof. And I got up there probably about 30 days ago and I found where someone had drug pipes for a hundred yards across the top of this roof and when they drug those pipes here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, so everywhere the pipe was just kind of bouncing up and down, it would come down and just gouge holes in the TPO. Whoever was doing that had no idea that they should not have been on the roof. Uh, I think they should be executed. And that was just a joke. Now they should be kept off the roof or at least taught exactly how to treat a TPO roofing system. That TPO membrane, we put, we install a 60 mil on that roof and you know, it’s tough. It can handle, uh, you know, 15 years of sitting there in the UV sitting there with a son barreling down, pounding rain, but it can’t handle a plastic or metal object just gouging them.

So I repaired about 15 holes that day, uh, while I was there, immediate repairs. And that’s one of the things that we bring to the table here in commercial roofing. Tulsa as well. Just immediate repairs are really a big deal because you know, in Oklahoma range every week and you know, during the normal spring season you’re going to have rain two, three or four times in a week. And so anytime I’m on a roof, I’m considering this raining tomorrow or it’s raining and four hours. Well the good news is I’ve got some products that I can repair holes with that it can begin to rain while I’m repairing. I’ve got some really great products that have great adhesion that have the great potential for making Leeks go away and so punctures and holes in roofs are really a big deal. Hva Cons, HVHC contractors are just known for doing these type of roofing defects and when we can patch up these holes pretty quickly and we can do it with new membrane, we can do it with some silicone products.

We can, even if it’s a bad scene, we can heat, well the current scene that’s there. If we’re talking about TPO roofs and thermoplastics thermostats or not, not welding the thermostats because the they’re glued. Okay. Let’s go over to open seams open seems, I’ll see a lot of these. Basically it is one of, especially when you have a brand new roof in the first year of a TPO or thermoplastic mean installed, open seams are probably going to be your number one leaking area where the Siem wasn’t welded well and it wasn’t probe dwell and somebody needs to come back in and commercial roofing Tulsa, Nita reprobe that here with advanced commercial systems, all of our roof nerds are highly trained in running a heat welder and every one of us can get up on a roof at any given time. We take a generator so we don’t have to have electricity.

We take a generator and a long cord and we hop up on that roof and we get that roof taken care of, we get it welded up. And so with advanced commercial systems, there’s so many things that will offer you that are on the spot. So you have a building out in the country when you know where the TPO or out in the album, the urban America or suburban America or rural America, doesn’t matter where you’re at. We can show up with a generator and we can take care of your roofing leaks and your roofing problems no matter the situation. But open seams is basically when the, you know, lack like your normal, your average PPO roofing system, the roles of the roofing membrane come 10 foot rolls. Now they come in five, sixes, tens and twelves but tn is hands down the most popular size because of just its, its usability.

It’s a capability of of of working well easier to manage than the 12 foot rolls. And so the 10 foot rule TPO, that role of of product when we install it every 10 foot for the full length of that role, we have to weld that with a hot welding gun. And so it’s not like a welding tool like metal welding just in case you’re not familiar. Familiar with what I’m saying, it is basically a really small, really extremely hot hairdryer. The hairdryer is so hot that if it could burn your skin very badly, it can start a fire. It can, you can blow it on wood and have it begin to spark. It’s that hot. It’s, it’s, it melts things. It can melt plastics within five seconds and within one second, actually it’s 500 degrees coming out of that, that dryer. And so that heat welder literally comes in and we glue in wheat, not glue, but we, we melt and glue by the adhesion of the gluing product, these products together.

And it causes that to be, uh, when we, we roll it together real tight when it’s melted and it actually begins to bond and make a really strong wealth here in commercial roofing, Tulsa. So with advanced commercial systems, if you’re having a leaking problem, you might’ve had, I know that there is some roofers that put a roof phone and they say, hey, we’re only given your year warranty, anything. After that, they walk away, they walk away with their big profit for the roof installation and a, they might not want to come back after one year and do any more repairs. Well, sometimes those open seems they don’t do what they do until they get a little bit of stretching time. You know, they weren’t welded very well. They get a little bit of contraction and retraction from the Holland code and the city or in Oklahoma. And then suddenly, next thing you know, you gotta open scene four inches wide, letting water in. We can come out for you and, and a very low cost. Take care of those seams and take care of you. Hey, we appreciate your joining in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So again, today for another great podcast.