You know, advanced commercial systems is a company that I started years and years ago and we’ve seen it grow. We’ve seen it go through, uh, ups and downs in the industry. Uh, you know, sometimes the downs during, in the wintertime, uh, when we had one February a while back that only a few jobs came in and we didn’t have to lay anyone off. We didn’t starve a, it took a little money out of our account surviving during that one month, only one month. And I have to say, out of the many years we’ve been in business, we only had that one month that really stood out. That was just in the slightest way threatening to us with advanced commercial systems here, the home of the roof. And Aaron’s, I want you to understand that we’re not going anywhere. We spend a lot of money and a lot of time developing our systems, developing everything we do calls in our company to make it through the good, bad, and ugly.

And that’s, that’s what our hearts have always been about is I have an a level of success and the level of comfort. Um, not just in our lives but the lives of our clients. And so you maybe you’ve never heard of the marketing company we use, we use a company, thrive time show or thrive 15 in a jinx. Oklahoma. If you’ve not been to jinx, you should go look at some antiques, grab some food and maybe you’ll buy Monday through Friday, probably normal working hours, go by throughout 15 to see those guys and just ask him, what are you guys about? What do you do? I guarantee you they’ll have one of 10 people that would love to sit down with you and share with you who they are, what they’re about, why they do what they do, how they accomplish so much that they do. They are an amazing company in Commercial Roofing Tulsa.

So, and in many other areas, different fields, but the, one of the things that we’ve enjoyed, uh, about the roofing industry is doing a job well. Doing a job well is not everyone does it. And I can say, now, let me, I’m allowed to say this. I have, I’ve inspected. I can’t tell you, I, I really don’t know how many roofs I’ve inspected over the years and almost every roof on Spec I do an estimate on. So let me break that down to you real quickly. Uh, I not just show up at the roof, but I see what other roofers have done. And I can normally locate the timeframe that they did it in. Like, I was on a roof just a few days ago. I’m like, someone’s been appearing in the last year and a half, two years and done the repairs. We’ll see. These repairs are not very old because I know the product because I work with the same products or used to work with those products is there’s a good chance that I’ve moved on to better products, but I was on a, you know, but when you see a thousand roots when you asked to make a thousand roofs, when you, when you are looking that much at Ruthie, you just get this almost this sixth sense about Commercial Roofing Tulsa you almost get this sixth sense.

You just Kinda have an idea where the leaking I was on a roof. Uh, this morning pretty early. I don’t want to TPO roof that was out an apartment complex. They’ve got almost 80 roofs than I’m inspecting right now. I’m literally literally 80 roofs. I’m inspecting right now, uh, at this one apartment complex, 80 different roofing systems. Um, and so I’m up on this roof and they told me there’s a certain area there was a leak and I got up on the roof off the ladder, walked straight to where the leak was, reached down with my probe and stuck it in the leak. And someone could say, how did you know? I said, well, I do this every day. It is, I mean, you know how many hours I’ve scratched my head to trying to find where leaks are. Leaks are easy to find after about a thousand roofs.

And that’s what we do here with advanced commercial systems. So you can say to yourself, well, Marty, I want you to be the guy that come out and look at my roof for me out because you are obviously the most experienced. Well, I can’t say that. I mean we have some great roof nerds. Well, but Marty, what if you send out a roof nerve that’s, you know, he’s only been with you for six months and well one thing I do is when, when roof nerds are in this first few years probationary probation area where they’re probationary timeframes from what I’m trying to say, um, where we’re still training them because the training never really stops. It doesn’t stop for me. I just did a class a week and a half ago, I’m sorry, two and a half weeks ago. I did a class for some coating products to stay on top of products, stay on top of applicable materials, stay on top of application methods.

And so I was just two and a half weeks ago and I’ve been in this town, I’m the owner of the company. You would think I’d be sending someone else to it. I have to know what’s going on. Uh, a man said one time, the ships in the bay rise as the water in the bay rises. Well, it only makes sense. I’m the water in the bay. I mean, I am advanced commercial systems and the roof nerds that work with me, I mean, I love them. They’re great. I mean, every one of them, uh, I’d turn over backwards for these guys, but at the end of the day, I’ve got to keep training them. I’ve got to take them to the level of expertise that’s even beyond where I am. I remember this minister years ago who said to, uh, he, he owned, he was over a Bible school and uh, you know, 1500 students and I remember him saying, our students, we want you to go beyond where we’ve gone.

We want you to grow beyond this. Experienced God beyond us. Reach more people, reach people beyond what we’ve done. That really resounded in my heart that really, really spoke to me that day in Commercial Roofing Tulsa or whether you’re sitting in a church or Bible school or if you just started an HVHC company, electrician, doctor, you just start a pet grooming company. Doesn’t matter. Find a mentor. Find someone who’s accomplished what your, your desire is to accomplish and, and reach beyond what they’ve done reached me on. And I’ve definitely, I’ve already reached beyond, you know, the other roofing companies that I used to work with and, and be a part of. I’ve definitely reached beyond already where they have been, you know, financial wise, success wise and, but really at the end of the day also reputation. And I was uh, justice morning and someone said to me, because I’m so honest with my clients and my customers, they literally said, because you’re so honest, w you’re going to get a lot of jobs.

You’re going to get that just because you, you really are having a reputation, reputation in commercial roofing Tulsa of being the honest guy, that guy, the guy that’s coming out and sharing the truth with, you know, what needs to be said. You know, Commercial Roofing Tulsa is a passion. It is a great way to prove a bite income from our family and our dreams. And you know, I think this summer we’re going to go, we’re going to go on a nice vacation to the beach. We’re going to be going seven days. We know we can only do three or four day vacations, but I think this year my wife wanted to do a seven day vacation to the beach. We’re excited about that, you know, so it’s odd. I know. Not everyone in the, in broken Arrow and toll Jake’s can afford that. I know not everyone can, but I’ll tell you, um, was it two mornings ago?

Uh, this morning I didn’t get up to five 30, but two mornings ago, you know, not this morning, but the morning before that, um, I was up at four oh seven working and the morning before that I was up at three Oh nine. I started to work around four. So two mornings in a row I’m working on my computer, working on roofing quotes, uh, keeping spreadsheets updated, um, you know, getting material for podcast, uh, checking pricing, getting pricing updates for responding to emails at four in the morning. And so I have to endeavor to say, number one thing you should do is spend some time with God it and see if he tells you a profession to go in. And number two, pray and believe he’s going to bless you and he is busting it. And number three, I mean, just straight up, get ready to work, get ready to work hard and long.

And that’s just part of it. And the harder you work and the longer you work, the more you can be blessed. And sometimes you can be far blessed by God because God doesn’t always work out of long work in hardware. He works more out of faith, you know, faith in God work. But I got to say, advanced commercial systems has been built as a company reputation in the company you can trust. I’ll tell you, you should give us a call. I just think, uh, you know, my podcast and they’re getting more mellow, you know, uh, as, as I’ve gotten over 280 podcast done. Imagine 280 weeks, 280 times that I’ve sat down and done a podcast. That’s a lot of podcast, right? Well, the good thing about that is if you obviously would never want to go through all these podcasts, but if you would, you only hear the heart of what this company’s about.

Do you want to really try to make a decision? Should you choose? The other guys are advanced. I tell you, you listen to some of our podcasts, you’re going to get the honor side of what we’re about and who we are. I think it’s pretty safe to say you’re going to choose advanced commercial systems. You know here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. We’re the best at what we do. We communicate better than anyone. I mean we sit down with you. I know there’s roofers that tried to do long sales pitches and they put the paper in front of you like a used car sales paper and our used car or used car salesman and that. I mean I literally was just told this the other day, how did it so was trying to teach me how to do it, which I’ve already heard this for 1520 years. Put the paper down.

Then you hand the pin over, you put the pen in front of their hand and then you just stare at him and you know, say we’re, and you stare at them until they get the pan up inside. Ah, that’s not what I’m going to do. That’s not why I don’t want to lead someone down somewhere, some weird road of an a manipulating them into a job. I want them to understand and grow insight and wisdom into the complete roofing system and roofing assembly that I’m endeavoring to install and do for them. Hey, this is Marty with advanced commercial systems. Thanks for joining us again today. Our number’s (918) 973-1010 here in commercial roofing Tulsa. You guys have a good day. Always remember, stay dry and it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.