Advanced commercial systems is the leading commercial roofing Tulsa. And we would love to hear from you today. So thanks for joining us and we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010. And of course we always have our free roof inspection in 24 hours that you could give us a call about. You can also call about any questions she might have for your commercial roofing Tulsa. Um, we are known as the home of the roof nerds and that’s because our systems are genius and there’s a science behind our systems, our roofing systems and the technical experts at roof nerds of Tulsa or advanced commercial systems. They are here to answer your questions, to provide product knowledge, systematic plans, and smart solutions for your commercial roof, for your flat roof, for your slope truth, uh, your metal roof. Uh, these guys are the best of the best and they have years of extensive product knowledge and years of experience with all types of commercial roofs.

So give them a call. You can also go to, okay. Roof and we have some great testimonials. We have some gallery, we have a a photo gallery. Um, we have videos online that you can check out what people are saying about us and you know, just see in the gallery. Now if you’re like me, when I first started in this, I didn’t, I wouldn’t have known what I was looking at in the gallery, but you can see many of the clients that we’ve had, you can see some before and after pictures. Um, and you know, you start to learn what’s going on because you know, it’s important. It’s an important investment for your business, your commercial roof. And you can kind of start to see what’s going on up there. You know, why is my roof leaking? You know, why? Um, what’s the difference between a repair and restoration?

What’s the difference between a replacement and uh, these guys at the Tulsa roof nerds, they would love to come out and give you a full walkthrough on your roof. They can provide photos and videos. They have, we have the best equipment. We have high tech equipment, um, drones, I’m trying to think what it was called, thermal imaging camera. And they can, that, that camera actually shoots your roof and we’ll show you where the leak is coming in from the inside and they can, they can see where, um, where the water is pooling on your roof so that they can, uh, determine what might be a problem spot for leaks within the interior of your, of your, so these are all super important things for your most important investment, which is your business. So give us a call, nine one eight, nine seven three one zero, one zero, and we’d love to talk to you.

Um, we’d love day to hear what’s going on and we’d love to, you know, come out and, and give you, uh, uh, you know, an, an inspection, but are just talked to you about your roof and give you an idea of whether you really need to, um, need us to come in and do any work. Um, so, um, we, we, we work with single ply membrane. We do roof coatings, we do, um, uh, metal roofing like I mentioned before, uh, asphalt or, um, slate roofing or you know, the same type of routine that you might see on a residential roof. There’s many businesses that have the slope roofing like that and we’re experts in those and we have some great before and after photos that you could look at and see what we have to offer for you. So give us a call. Um, you know, like I mentioned single ply roofing.

What does single ply roofing? Well, it, it combines like Paula propylene plastic and Ethan Oh, propylene rubber. And it uses the state of Var of the art, a polymer manufacturing technology. And this is the fastest, fastest growing commercial roofing product in the country. And, uh, the results is an ideal commercial roofing system that’s reliable and it’s cost effective and energy effective. And it can be, it can really update, um, uh, an older roof and it, it comes with a warranty and it can lower the energy cost in your roof, you know, on your roof. So there’s a lot of different options. And it, the most important thing is it maintains a watertight seal for your roof, which, um, for your business, which is, you know, our ultimate goal is to keep you dry and keep, uh, keep your commercial roofing Tulsa, uh, maintained to the best, you know, watertight seal that we can.

So what is like a roof code? And we mentioned the roof coating. Well instead of doing an extensive full roof replacement, often, uh, roof coating or a roof restoration, um, can update and extend the life of your roof by many years and it will increase the lifespan and quality of your roof. And so it’ll, it’ll convert a hot red metal roof into a cool energy efficient white roof. You know, it can provide a sturdy, durable top coat to an existing roof or these are different benefits. Um, it will give an age roof, uh, better durability. Like I said, it’ll extended, um, long lasting protection from wear and tear. It’s economical and cost. That’s one of the biggest things is, is it extends it at a lower cost. Um, and it definitely provides energy efficiency. You know, whenever there’s uh, you know, extensive temperature changed your extensive, super hot and super cold.

And in Oklahoma we deal with that a lot. So for your commercial roofing Tulsa a roof restoration is a great option for you. Um, it will not only stop leaks, but it’ll prevent leaks from ever starting, which is, you know, the ultimate goal because we know that leaks can cause damage to the interior of your business, your electrical system, um, different equipment inside your business. You don’t want leaks, you know, pouring in and ruining your day to day. Um, you know, business and, and it’s also, it doesn’t require tear off. So your installation does not disrupt your day to day business and it comes with a warranty. So that’s a great option of root. We, we love roof restorations with it, you know, are in an at advanced commercial systems. We love providing our clients with that. Marty just went, um, and it was with a client a few days ago and he was telling me about how um, a roofer had told this client that they needed a bunch of roofs replaced.

Well, he went up there and, and with quickly able to ascertain that the roofs we’re in pretty good shape. They weren’t perfect, but they were in pretty good shape and did not need full roof replacements, which would have cost them thousands and thousands of dollars, but a, um, a good restoration would work. They were some repairs and then do an, a coding would work and would extend the life of that roof, um, without, you know, them having to do the extensive full roof replacements. So, you know, that’s our job. We want to work with you and work for you to give you, um, to give you, to extend the life of your roof and give you the best possible solutions for your commercial roofing Tulsa. Because you know, our, our roof nerds that are technical experts, but they also really, we want to serve our clients. We want to maintain a relationship with our clients.

We want to be accountable to our clients and we want to have a, a system of communication concerning the present condition of their roof and the best products to be re, um, to be used. And you know, we want a communication through the entire process because we want satisfied clients. And the best way to do that, to assist our clients in that is to just provide the best possible guys to work on their roof, um, to give them the best possible solutions for their specific commercial roofing Tulsa. So give us a call at (918) 973-1010. We’d love for you to contact us. You can also go to Google, check out our reviews and what people are saying about us or website at okay. Roof and see what people are saying about us. Um, they’re impressed with our integrity and our quality and the experience that they get from advanced commercial systems, um, that we give 100% and um, that you come away from your account or with Marty and the other guys at Oakleigh. Okay. Roof nerds, Dotcom com you’ll, you’ll, you’ll come away from your experience with your commercial roofing Tulsa saying that you are glad you called advanced commercial systems. We can guarantee that and we can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. So give us a call for free roof inspection, even for emergency repairs. We’re here for you now. 1-897-THREE-ONE-010 and stay dry.