When it comes to commercial roofing, there’s one roofing company that you can always call here in Oklahoma and the Greater Tulsa area. And that is advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Thanks for Joan in again with another wonderful podcast with advanced commercial systems. We are the premier roofing company and the Greater Tulsa area. We work anywhere, uh, in this north area, northeast area of Oklahoma. And we really work on any different type of Commercial Roofing Tulsa that, uh, you could imagine a because of our experience in every type of commercial roofing system, uh, our roofing assemblies and our roofing systems are second to none. And so thanks again for joining another podcast. My name is Marty and I’m the owner and founder of advanced. And what we’re doing today is it podcast at like we’ve done so many times in the past talking about different aspects and different, you know, types of systems and the installation and roofing membranes and types of screws and types of ways to, to install the roofing and, and how to work with contractors.

And so today what we’re actually talking about in the area that we’re in, because we’re in commercial roofing, Tulsa Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So is really a large part of what we are about. We’ve been here for 20 years and the Greater Tulsa area, and we’re talking about today working with contractors and so we’re covering some of the things today that why do we work with contractors the way we do in the roofing industry? Because many times the of the Latino contractors are large part of the industry and being a large part of the industry, every day I’m meeting with my Latino contractors and you know, I have to do a lot to stay on top of, of, of who they are, what they’re about and making sure that here in commercial roofing Tulsa they’re doing the things they should do. Um, making sure their side of the business is legal.

Let’s say we do a large roof together. I’m, I’m the general contractor or the the roofing company. I have my commercial endorsement, I have insurance, I have liability insurance, I have general insurance, I have a worker’s comp insurance, I have everything in place that’s needed for doing commercial roofing. I hire a subcontractor and man, they do not have everything in place themselves. And so what can happen from that very easily is they could, uh, have allowed their insurance or their worker’s comp insurance to expire. You know, not everyone’s a great businessman. Not everyone’s going to run their business the same way. Not everyone’s going to stay on top of every problem, every issue, every, everything that needs to be, you know, micromanaged. And so it’d be pretty easy at times for these guys to let something expire or, you know, let something not be where it should be in their business.

And really when I hire them as a subcontractor under my business, they’re really just becoming an extension of who I am. So it is my job on a daily and especially weekly business, uh, on a very, very, quite frequently to make sure, interact with the insurance companies that they interact with to receive the proper paperwork. Making sure, you know, their insurance is paid up and that really before every job I am confirming that these guys are where they need to be. Now who, who am I using versus other roofing companies in town? And for the most part there’s probably about 10. There’s about 10 to 15 TPO crews that we’re all using and the Greater Tulsa area, probably even less than that, probably eight to 10 that are doing the majority of the TPO roofing. And so being a, a contractor, a general contractor in commercial roofing, Tulsa, it’s really good if we go through today some of the things that causes us to stand out, one of the things that simply is just the history that we’ve had in construction.

Yeah. You know, uh, being, uh, you know, how long we’ve been in the business, how long we’ve been in the construction, general contracting business. Uh, you know, my father was a builder and working with him and roofing are probably at 12 years old. So, you know, you’re, you’re 30 years of experience, 35 years of experience with that alone, uh, in the roofing industry. Um, and doing lots of different things to make sure the industry is stages of substantial for small businesses and even large businesses. And so we have an expert team of Ruth nerds. That’s one of the things that are certified specialist with certified inspectors with Hagar engineering. And so our roof nerves, each and every one of them, I send them to school. I make sure they’re highly and fully trained in every aspect, um, of, you know, the job to make sure that they understand when hail comes down to what does it do to a roof, how does, what is wind damage look like?

What does a membrane deterioration looked like? The effects of longterm UV on single ply membrane. It’s thermoplastic membranes, the effects of long term UV and sun and wind and weather on asphalt roof in products. And when you see a really chipped up, really, um, really brittle modified bitumen roof, and how much more life does it have? We go through extensive training because I want my roof marriage, just like my contractors that I would hire to be truly an example. And, uh, an exemption, not an exemption to be, uh, an example of who we are as a company as a whole and who I am as the owner. Am I want a roof nerds to be better than than I can do in Commercial Roofing Tulsa because we always want to better ourselves and bring you the best that we can. And with commercial roofing Tulsa, um, there’s electric companies we work with, there’s plumbing companies we’re work with, there’s a waste management companies we work with is a lot of companies we work with that do not really bring forth the full spectrum of what we want.

So we’re always looking and always rehiring. But our expert team of certified specialist, we have a lot of trained, highly trained Ruth and professionals. And when you put us all together, there’s just a lot of term, a longterm years of experience. And one of the things that we do is we really do strive to stay at the top of the level of our game of what we can produce for you in commercial roofing. Um, w we really become a team and when we follow the statewide guidelines for roofing and we have the certifications that we do and we have a 20 year India deal that we can offer all of these things, we can really point to being able to perform and provide the services in commercial roofing, Tulsa that our, our clientele really needs. Um, we, our members where the Oklahoma restaurant association, we are members with Hagar engineering, which is an engineering firm that specializes in commercial envelopes, commercial building envelopes.

And so when you add everything together that we do, uh, you know, even part of the national, um, uh, Oklahoma realtor association in the Greater Tulsa Association of realtors where members with a lot of different firms and a lot of end, the Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association and also the National Roofing Contractors Association. So when you add all of this together, get into the form and to a full spectrum. Um, so now, so why choose us? Well, there’s a lot of integrity. What we do, there’s point number one, tons of integrity. We really endeavored a walk the line, be ethical and be honest with you about what’s going on. And then our maintenance and repair crews, well, they’re full time, they’re full time on the job. So if you call us at any given time in commercial roofing Tulsa, we’ve got some guys at two in the morning, they’re not drunk and hung over from, you know, from the night.

We choose people of character in people that are willing to do their best to take care of a job for you. And so if you have an emergency problem, emergency repair, we will come when a, when we’re capable as soon as possible and take care of that for you. And so the other part is our highly trained roof nerves, they’re reliable and they’re continually offering the solutions you need for your specific problem. And that’s, that’s a big part of not just offering solutions but specifically offering solutions for a year, a specific project. But if you only to execute, execute a large scale roofing projects, uh, we can do these and we do millions of dollars of roofing. And so in doing so, uh, when we reached that level up on a specific roof, uh, there’s so much project management that comes into play in commercial roofing Tulsa. But the good aspect of that is that just a Builtin, a track record that we have, um, the professional track record that we have of providing the services, the reliability that we see over and over and over again that our customers are loving about what we do, the warranties that we offer in commercial roofing, Tolson millions of dollars of jobs being done, uh, many years of, of warranties, the amount of professionals that we have working with us.

Um, you, manufacturers of products that have come in to be like allies with us and we’re doing India, which are no dollar limit warranties for those guys. There’s just so many different things that we’re doing and uh, we uh, we really appreciate being able to work with the Greater Tulsa area here in commercial roofing. Tulsa. If we can do anything for you, please give us a call at (918) 973-1010 or you can go online and check us out at www dot okay. Ruth nerds.com we look forward to hearing from you.