Welcome to another podcast of a dance commercial systems home with a roof nerds. You know, uh, it is an honor and a great privilege to be able to just do so many podcasts that we’ve done for such a long period of time. And you know, our topic is always really around one major thing and it’s the passion that we have. It’s what we do the best. And that is the topic of commercial roofing, uh, a lot of times over the years. And so today our topic that we want to talk about is called a thermo plastic roofs and a thermal plastic roofs is real similar to what you think it would be. It’s actually plastic, it’s plastic looking, plastic feeling type of roof. And it is a very common around probably 80 to 85% of the Commercial Roofing Tulsa market has turned into this thermal plastic type of roofing.

So with commercial roofing, Tulsa. And so one of the things I want to share with you is just recently my family and I, we went down to Dallas, we were down there. Uh, obviously we live in broken Arrow and we went down to Dallas, what this last weekend just to get away for a day or two. And when we were there I really enjoyed staying in a hotel that we were in because the hotel, we were staying on the 17th floor overlooking downtown Dallas. And one of the great aspects of what we were able to, to view from that position, um, is so different than what we have here with commercial roofing. Tulsa. From that position I could see just thousands and thousands of where’s of of TPO, which is the number one type of thermo plastic roofing that that we have. It is such a great product. I’ll tell you, I’ve gone to a lot of schooling.

I’ve putting down a lot of squares of this product and the, the, just the ability to be able to take this product and weld it and then re weld the same spot and then re well, the same spot really is one of the big factors. So today we’re going to go over the top five things that makes the thermo plastic stand out and the top five things that make specifically the TPO thermoplastic. And so TPO is the most popular hands down by far the most popular type of Thermo Plastic Membrane. The second most popular is called PVC. Now you would, you would recognize that polyvinyl chloride. Now you would recognize that because that’s the same product that’s made with PVC pipes in your home. And here with commercial roofing Tulsa, many, many times we’re, we’re stepping out of the box, always continually to looking for newer products.

What products are out there now, you know, and there’s not a lot of new membranes over the last few years. It’s come on the market. Um, they’re just developing new aspects of membranes. It’s already been developed. Like they come out with the key, uh, for, for PVC, which is chemically changing. They’ve come out with in the last few years, they come out with a a peel and stick TPO. They come out with a EPL. TPO is where you put it down and when you’re done you peel back this, this clear plastic that leaves you with this beautiful clean membrane. Uh, so it doesn’t get dirty with all the installation process. And so there’s so many different products and things that have, that have developed and we’re seeing the development of current thermo plastic membranes. But the one thing that really stands out to me is the, just the capability of just being able to re, well the TPO, the TPO, being able to be rewelded over and over again is huge.

And so that’s our top item that we want to talk about it as a weldable membrane. And if a spot is not done right or adjustments need to be made, you can re, well the exact same spot because you heat it up to 450 degrees, 500 degrees, it melts it. And then it hardens to the same chemical composition where you can come back and re weld it and it and heat it up and have the same process again. Now. So step. So point number two of why the TPO membrane is a favorite in my book. Point number one was the capability of welding and welding. A number two is basically how it just just completely blocks UV the UV and the radiant heat of UV from the sun and and the her urban heat effect are completely blocked by this product. I can’t tell you that and I mentioned it.

I mean we’ve podcasts and I, I’ve mentioned it so many times on our podcast and just to mention it again, there’ve been so many times I put my hand on a metal roof and then moved it over three feet and put it on a TPO roof. And so the difference in temperature is absolutely astounding. The metal roof might be 130 degrees very hot to your skin. You touch it for a half a second and you, and it’s very hurtful to your skin. And then you can sit that same hand on the TPO and you can feel it’s 95, maybe a hundred degrees, completely bearable, nothing uncomfortable at all. And there’s a huge difference of how it just blocks the UV. It is not


So cause you know, I mean basically the majority of metals are conductors of electricity and there are conductors of heat, well with commercial roofing, Tulsa and all that we have with an engineering company, Haig engineering, learning about just all the chemical composition, stepping to the next level in commercial roofing to really be what we call roof nerds. We’ve taken our knowledge of Commercial Roofing Tulsa to the next level of being able to stand up and say, hey listen, we are, uh, we’re coming at this from a different angle than the majority of these other roofers. I, and we, I know roofers that had been doing roofing for 30 years in Tulsa in broken Arrow and they cannot even pass a Commercial Roofing Tulsa. Now there’s a commercial roofing endorsement tests. That’s your requirement. And guys that don’t even have, uh, the technical skill to pass this task now.

And, and no way am I putting these guys down. They’re great guys. They’re really good roofers. But there’s something missing and the overall span of what you’re getting from someone who’s who, who cannot basically pass an equivalency test and something they’d been doing for 10, 15, 20, 30 years. And so with commercial roofing Tulsa, that’s what we bring to the table. I mean we passed the test the first round and we have been consistently growing and moving forward with what we’re doing. So like I say, once again, we’re covering the top five things of why we love the TPO thermal plastic membrane. So number one was the be ability to be able to rebuild the membrane. And number two is the ability of the membrane itself to just lay there and reflect and block. And basically, if I can use this terminology, push your way in, steer away radiant heat from the sun. That’s a really big deal. It’s a really a big deal. Now, number three, the cost efficiency, the capability of the cost efficiency to be able to make uh, the membrane a affordable. And because it’s so thin, it’s so strong now. Now let’s go into why is it, uh, why is it cost effective? Because it’s a thin membrane. It’s easy to, it’s now there’s a lot of chemical composition to making the product, but the chemical composition allows them to have basically of substrate to basically have a base Matt


In it, a Scrim, which we call it a scrim. And in that Scrim is, is woven fiber threads. Now, I pulled out one of those threads the other day and I could not break the thread. And it is so small. It’s, I’m wondering, is this as strong as, uh, as, as like Spyder line or something? Because I mean, the string, the string is so that fibers thread is so strong. I could not break it with the, with my arms pulling on him. And so, and it’s a very, very me almost supposed to cut into your finger. It’s so thin of a, like a, it’s almost like a fishing line. Extremely strong, extremely powerful. And they’re interwoven line upon line of this. It is an extremely strong product and that’s what gives it the Alasta ability of 30 times. It can reach up to 30 times.

It’s a, it’s a lap stability factors that have been put into the product. So here with commercial roofing Tulsa, these are the things that we’re going to continue to bring to you. Now we’re coming to the end of our podcast today and I’ve only got to cover three of the aspects. And actually the s the third one, the cost efficiency of TPO. We’re going to pick right back up there a next week. So then this one week from today, Monday we will be starting another podcast. We’ll be picking up right here. So if you are listening today, just tune in to the next one and we’ll be picking up right here with how in commercial roofing, Tulsa, the TPO membrane, the thermoplastic membrane is definitely something that you want to try. I can bring you some. I can, uh, you know, bring you a pretty good sized piece of it and you can play around with it and, and see what it’s made about and you can really see how well of a product it has become. Hey, thanks for joining again today with a commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and also with commercial roofing Tulsa. We endeavored to do the best that we can for you so that you can have the best watertight building envelope possible. Hey, once again, Marty Grishin with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds, we hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.