Advanced commercial systems is a really, uh, just an intuitive, uh, far beyond the, the modern normal a roofing company that you see. Um, we’re taking not just the state of the art products and state of the art, you know, the modern, uh, online and marketing, Facebook, different things that we’re doing with the marketing side. But we’re also taking a really the level of communication that, you know, the two or three generations we’re dealing with, that they, they’re demanding what we find. Uh, like just recently I went to the bank to carry some checks, deposit some checks in a commercial roofing Tulsa. And when I was there, you know, I’ve, you know, I bank at the Bank of America, uh, Summit Bank of Oklahoma and uh, Arvest bank, which I like Arvest bank a lot. I have one, some of my main accounts there, but while I’m banking there, they just shared with me just recently that they’re going paperless. And so I basically was asking for a deposit slip because I like to keep all of my accounting and paper and like to be able to have it in front of me. And it keeps me aligned out. It helps me a lot to have it in paper, found out pretty quickly that they don’t carry paper. They don’t. They literally, I said, well, can you get it on is there’s no kind of,

I have to say that’s a little shocking to me because, you know, and I said to the lady, I said to the teller at the window, I said, I’m assuming you’re doing this to save paper. And she said, well, well, yes, we’re, we’re, we’re trying to be eco friendly. And I’m like,

you’re not, I’m thinking now I’m not going to have the conversation with her, but I’m thinking to myself, you’re not saving anything. You, you guys, I know how much paper you shred every day. I know the amount of paper you shred that you could be reusing and recycling. I mean, I, I, I’ve worked in the Corporate America before, I’ve said in the offices and seen, you know, uh, the amount of paper that’s just not being used, being thrown away. I’ve seen. And so here we are, the people that literally and hand you money and are in trusting you with our money and you can’t even give us a slip of paper showing the money we deposited. Like what kind of, what kind of system is this a none of us. I believe that you’re being proficient with Piper and none of us believe that. And so I get a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth because what I’m used to was not being catered to.

Now that’s my point on to make to you today. The thing that I’m used to getting the, the service I’m used to experiencing in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, um, with my banking systems has changed. And so that’s something that we, at advanced commercial systems, when it comes time to sitting with you, we liked to locate what you’re used to. We liked to locate what you’re about, what’s your experience in commercial roofing. You own a building or you are a property manager of a building. And let me tell you something. And building owners, we have to talk to them considerably different than property managers. And one of the reasons why is because of property managers, we understand they don’t have one building, they don’t have two buildings, many times they have from five to 60 buildings. I mean that’s, that’s what they deal with. That’s on a daily basis.

That’s the amount of properties that they do deal with if they have to have solutions for them. And so they don’t want a contractor or a subcontractor that’s just slowing them down. So whatever we can do to be proficient, whatever we can do to streamline communication, offering absolutely the most amount of information that we can in the easiest format possible, which many times is going to be through Dropbox sharing link on Dropbox if you have big files, if you have. So when you put everything together, um, the communication, the exchange of large amounts of video data, we’re always looking through what cloud service through, through what service makes it streamlined. Because sometimes it might be, I need to share information with you from my phone. And so this is the cutting edge of technology where we’re bringing to you a video. I mean, I’ll be up on roof.

I’ll take a three minute video of a problem and if I text that video to you, our tech system, we’ll, we’ll shrink it so much that your audio might be okay, but your visual basically it’s, it gets really grainy and you can’t see clearly. That’s the last thing I want to portray to you is um, you know, as a, as a client of ours, the last thing I want to show you is, you know, something that doesn’t look right. Um, you know, a picture of that that has very little to very low, very poor quality. And so we use everything we can in technology. We buy software to make it even our, our systems that we show you even in commercial roofing, broken arrow, our pictures or videos, everything that we bring your way is cutting edge and it’s on the edge and on the side of the expensive way, but not to make our overhead go up.

Now. That’s the one thing where we’re always aware of every single day we show up in the office. We asked this question, what can we do to decrease our price as we decrease the cost of performing our services? That’s a big statement. What can we do to decrease 3% of our our management expenses, our overhead expenses? What can we do this week to cut 3% out and that will, we will carry that 3% decrease, that 3% savings. We’ll carry that over to you. Why would we carry it over to you? Because our, our prices, we’re endeavoring to keep them where they’re working. In your budget, you’re going to get three estimates. Most people get three estimates for a big roof replacement, sometimes four or five depending on the property manager and I just did one just recently. I’ve fixed my numbers where I wanted them to be.

I send them to the property manager and I found it pretty quickly. I called him actually just yesterday. Uh, Mr. Jackson, I called him. I said, Hey, I’m just checking in. How does my lumber numbers look? I already knew how my numbers look before even called because I know what everyone’s charging and I know how low I can go to make it a really good deal for a property manager to get in the door to get into the job done, getting a job moving forward, but also keep it nice and profitable for my staff and I and for us to be able to run our business efficiently here with commercial roofing, uh, Tulsa commercial, roofing, Tulsa, and they advanced commercial systems. If you want anything from us, I’ll tell you this, there’s three main ways to reach out to us. The main way is going to our website and clicking on schedule.

Now if you would like to have, uh, basically someone come out, look at your roof, someone come out, give you our 24 hour free roof evaluation. This is what we offer time and time again. So that’s one way is go to our website at www dot. Okay. Roof and you’ll see, you know, all the information of who we are and what we’re about. And I want to tell you something about our website. I have purposely kept my website free and clear and streamlined and just without tons of verbiage, without tons of pictures, without tons of just junk. Now it could be good junk. But to the person coming on, they’re just wanting to find the schedule now button, just needing someone to come look at the roof if it comes junk. And so here was advanced commercial systems. We really do pride ourselves in making things streamlined, easy, fast, efficient, proficient.

And so every single time you go to our website you’ll see it’s got the same layout, the same format. We’re never, you know, under under, um, maintenance, you know, where you can’t reach something of our, of our business and we’re always keeping everything in order and streamlined and simple. Simplicity is the key to our communication with you. We want to bring to you as much information as we can. If that’s what you want. Some people are like, man, put me a roof on and I’m like, okay, I’ll put your roof on. And some people who are more cost minded, they’re like, talk to me about numbers. What kind of, I mean, what’s, what’s, show me two systems. Show me three systems, you know, for commercial roofing toll. So and, and give me some pricing on each one. Kind of have an idea what works best.

I just recently was interacting with a large commercial building. It’s about 164 squares. It’s a nice building. It’s a steep slope roofing and so it’s kind of shingle on there and the the gentlemen, uh, managing the building, it’s got like 170 square’s pretty good size and the gentleman managing the building, real nice guy basically said I’m looking at for a specific of shingle and he shared the, the, the top of shingle that he’s looking for. Well I know that shingle does it carry as good of a name in the industry because I do this every single for the last 10 years I’ve interacted with that shingle, that specific supplier and I’m not going to put the supplier then. I’m not going to talk about it. The shingle tight. Do you want to know that? Give me a call. Our number here at the office is (918) 973-1010.

I’ll tell you the shingle that I’ll recommend quickly. Um, which I’ll do almost on the majority of the roofs that I do. It is not the lowest price shingle. It’s a medium price shingle. The quality, the quality that it offers is second to none. Unless you go way, way, way up in pricing and then most people won’t even touch that. So here with advanced commercial systems, right? We’re going to end this podcast today. You know here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and in commercial roofing Tulsa, we’re always going to bring you the simplicity that we can to make things run smooth for you. Make things run easy for you. We know construction coming cause we’re general contractors, we know construction jobs, construction sites can be hectic, it can cause a lot of stress for the building owners and that’s why we try to make everything run smooth. We have one of our top crews, one of our top guys on the, on the spot, one of our roof nerves is always there or within five minutes away. And making sure everything’s running smooth. Hey, give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. We’d love to hear from you. (918) 973-1010 in commercial roofing. Tulsa have a good day.