Thanks for joining in with us today for another podcast with advanced commercial systems. We are the premier best Commercial Roofing Tulsa company in the greater tools area. And so today, once, like many, many times before, we’re going to talk about commercial roofing, we’re going to talk about all the different aspects of Commercial Roofing Tulsa as we have many times now. We just took a few weeks off of doing our podcast, a little vacation time that we took a little break in the monotonous routine. Uh, you know, that, that we have, but we’re going right back to that routine right now. But because this is, this is the key to that monotonous routine that Kinda just seems like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with doing that as long as your routine is one that’s successful. And that’s exactly what we’ve created here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds here in Tulsa, commercial roofing Tulsa commercial roofing and commercial roofing.

Tolson is what we do, is what we do best. And so if you’re looking for a commercial roofing company in Tulsa, Tulsa commercial roofing company, we are the ones to call and our number is (918) 973-1010 now I’ve been doing a lot with metal roofs slightly. Let me tell you something about metal roofs. They have lots of problems. There’s a lot of great things about them. There’s a lot of bad things about them and that’s where we’re the guys who sit down with you and actually share with you the good, bad and ugly of commercial roofing. I am never going to tell you only the good aspects of a any type of roofing system. Every roofing system has its good sides, has its bad and has its ugly and the ugly is more defined. When age begins to set in and it begins to get harder and harder to implement and apply repair systems to your roofing system.

Let’s take a metal roof. A metal roof can get to a place where it can get rusty. A metal roof can get to a place in Tulsa, Commercial Roofing Tulsa as to where he gets to a place of beginning to degrade because of the screws, the washers. I mean, just imagine having 50 60 8,100 or 120,000 screws on the roof. I mean, that’s very, very common. You, you’d be surprised at how many buildings have 50,000 screws and more just in the roofing system. I mean, it’s, it’s very common. It’s very common. I mean, I buy, when I do a small TPO roof, I’ll buy six or 7,000 screws just to screw the ISO board and the membrane down. And so that’s for a small TPO. You might put 10 15,000 screws to screw a really large commercial roof. The TPO, single ply, a thermostat or thermo thermoplastic, actually roofing system down in Commercial Roofing Tulsa.

So, and so when it comes to a commercial Roofer, I’m here in this city, in the northeast Oklahoma area. We’re the guys, honestly, they’re going to sit down with you and we’re going to share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of Commercial Roofing Tulsa. And so when you get 50, 60, 80 120,000 screws on a metal roofing system, I can, our panel system, um, you’re going to have leaks. I mean, when time begins to move on, and I’ll tell you what I’m dealing with right now is as time moves on, as I was saying though, that metal begins to contract and retract and it begins to move. Every time he gets hot, every time it cools off, that metal is expanding. So you have a metal, a piece of sheet metal is expanding with heat. And this contract in back when it cools off.

Well, you know, an Oklahoma, even right now, I mean we’re getting into the springtime. Um, we’ll have a variance of temperature, 60 degrees. We’ll have a variance of temperature every day, at least 35 or 40 degrees. And so when a roof system up on the top, when it really gets worn and the temperature’s right blame blaring down on that metal and that metal gets about 30 degrees warmer than the temperature outside just because of the radiant heat from the sun. You know when you’ve been out in the sun and you get us some shade, just because the sun isn’t hitting you, you begin to cool off immediately. Or on a cold day you can walk outside and you’re kind of cool and you look toward the sun and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Well imagine if your face was metal, just conducting heat, just sucking in all the heat that they can because that’s what metal roofs do.

So a metal roof and an 80 degree day could be 130 degrees on the roof. 130 degrees. When we have a 95 degree day and the sun is blaring down on the roof, you literally could have 160 degrees on the roof. You can fry an egg in that. And so like when I cook meat in my smoker, my smoker requires me to have it at 165 degrees for two hours for the meat to be done. Well that’s the temperature that the roof is. So just think about that in Commercial Roofing Tulsa of the amount of heat getting on a metal panel roof and then at nighttime it can get down to like during the summertime it can get up to 130 degrees, 160 degrees on the roof, and then the nighttime it might get down to 60 degrees night. And so when it gets down to 60 degrees at night, your roof is getting down to 60 70 degrees and it’s just, it’s, it’s causing an 80 degree difference in that metal.

That metal is expanding because of heat and then retracting. And as it does that it’s moving, moving, moving, and with that moving, it’s pulling on every screw. It’s tugging on every screw, every old repair that’s been done is getting stretched and getting moved. That’s why whenever we do repairs here at advanced commercial systems, it is absolutely detriment that we use repair systems that have a last stability. There are a lot of old coatings and different types of products out there that did not have a last stability. Alaska’s city if I can say it that way and and literally what you get is after about two years, three or four years of that metal roof moving, literally what you find is the repair not holding. I see this over and over. You would be shocked at how many roofs I see that had been repaired with tar and other products that did not have the plasticity and suddenly I should, they’re leaking.

They don’t know why they’re leaking. They think they might have new damage. No, it was the damage that they got repaired three years ago from another roofer because the roofer used a product that wasn’t the correct product or or it could have been a roof repair from 15 years ago, 10 years ago because the products I’m using now, I stay modern. I stay on top of the products that are needed for commercial roofing. The updated products that have the best elasticity. And so the products I’m using now, they weren’t out, they were not out five years ago, five years ago. I’m using products right now that was not on the market five years ago. I’m using products are out now. A lot of them that were not on the market 10 or 15 years ago. So if you had a metal roof or any kind of roof that repairs were done to, or replacement was done to 10 or 15 years ago, your roof could technically be outdated.

Now, you know, when you buy a computer, that’s what they say all the time. By the time you walk out to the store, your computers almost outdated because of how ram and, and megabytes and, and the processors and all these things are continually being upgraded. They’re continually being bettered. And so they say, you know, on an average when a computer reaches about two years old, it’s reached, it’s beyond, you know, I mean, it can be upgraded and made better, but it’s basically an old computer at two years old. Well, that’s what’s happening in a lot with our commercial roofing here in commercial roofing Tulsa, commercial roofing Tulsa. We’re the Ruth nerves that knows everything about commercial roofing that you need. And so, but that’s what we see. We see roofs that are 10 years old, some that are 15 years old that doesn’t seem very old, but the entire system can be outdated.

Now you only have a handful of roofing systems that make up 95% of the market, you know, of like Derby Gun. I was speaking with the contractor the other day and when he got in the business 20 years ago, 2030 years ago, he said the only product he ever used was derby Gov. Derby gum is a rubber, a rubberized roofing, uh, single ply multiply system. Because I just say that that is a single ply waterproofing, although it’s a multiply system, but derby guns is, it’s a great product. I’ve looked at Derby Gum, I’ve repaired derby gum. I have not done a full installation, a recent reinstallation of a derby gun roof because basically they’re outdated. I mean the thermoplastics and the thermostats, these roofing systems have come in and just made derby gum where hardly no one’s putting it on now. They say they can give you a 30, 35 40 year roofing system with Derby Gum.

But honestly you should check the pricing because here in commercial roofing Tulsa, the pricing of that might be double the pricing of, of doing a single ply twice. And so when you look at the numbers, when you sit down and you study, uh, we have a full excel system where we put together and Xceligent and exact debate over different systems needed for the best types of, of functioning and the best types of putting systems together. When we put all of that together for you, it really spits out a number for you and spits out a system for you. What’s the best for your size roof? What’s the best for the height of your roof? I mean, there are systems that I won’t put on a one story building and there are systems that I won’t put on an eight story building. There’s no reason for two and a tar and gravel in the eight story building anymore.

I mean the systems that we have with Tpo, PVC, uh, even some newer upgraded EPD m versions of, there’s some systems that we can put on the eight story building that really calls it to be top notch and we just, we triple, quadruple the amount of screws we using because in commercial roofing Tulsa, the higher you go in the building, you know, two stories, six story, the higher you go, the more resistance to win that you’re going to need with that upper membrane. Why? I just wanted to cover some information today. We’re getting back in our podcast now. We took about a week or two off of doing our, our weekly podcast, but we’re getting back in the role now as one. I think all of you guys, uh, in commercial roofing Tulsa that had joined us so many times in the past and have become a part of what we’re doing, our roofing systems and in all that we offer as really Tulsa’s number one best commercial roofing company we are the Roofer to go to. We are the premier roofing company that you can always turn to. Hey, we appreciate your time today. We’re doing a little bit of an extra long podcast today, so I hope that Bob doesn’t bother anyone. A few minutes longer than normal. We appreciate all your time and we appreciate everything you do here with commercial roofing Tulsa. We will keep you informed of everything you need to stay on top of your roofing system. Remember, once again, this is Marty, the owner and operator of advanced, and it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.