Thanks for joining. Another podcast here with advanced commercial systems, another podcast where we intimately and passionately talk about commercial roofing, all in the many different aspects of commercial roofing and the different aspects of Commercial Roofing Tulsa so that we interact with our clients and our potential clients and customers every single day. You know, there’s a few things that stand out about our company as a whole and one of them is not that we just have a maintenance plan. I’m, when I’m online and I’m talking with other roofing companies and I’m seeing their marketing and I’m seeing what they’re about. Some of the things that I see prevalent is the majority of them do have some type of roof maintenance that they offer and, and really there’s not a lot of detail about it. Sometimes they’ll put together a spreadsheet and they’ll very lightly share some different aspects, you know, of their Commercial Roofing Tulsa, a maintenance plan and, but we’ve really taken what we are passionate about making a roof live as long as possible.

I mean that is the purpose. I mean there’s two things that we’re going to do for you were either, and this is for all Commercial Roofing Tulsa, we’re going to install a really good roof that should last a long time or we’re going to interact with your current roof and cause it to have a longer life. One of those two things is what is our purpose here? If I’m showing up to just do a repair on your roof, you called and you got to leak and it’s just in the front office of your, of your building, not come out and take care of that leak. Well I just in commercial roofing toll, so fulfill the second purpose, the second purpose of basically causing your roof to last longer. Um, because water is going inside the membrane, water’s going inside the installation and that needs to be stopped immediately.

You know, it’s a good thing when you get a leak. I mean you need to understand, it’s extremely important that you see the leak come through your building because there are a lot of leaks that leak in to the building and do not leak through the building where you can see it on the inside. And those, those leaks are specifically designed to just calls your installation to get wet. Cause there to be a lot of rotten decking caused there to be a lot of problems that you never see. And so anytime we can eliminate a potential leak on a upper roof membrane system, even if it’s not going into the inside of the building, I tell you, you need to pull the trigger. You need to get it done because you’re rottening your decking, you’re just completely submerging your installation in wet water. And it’s really the worst thing that you can do in Commercial Roofing Tulsa.

Tulsa to your roof is to have this hidden issue that secretly just destroy in your building. And so I’m not trying to sound too emotional about all this, I’m not trying to make it sound like it was worse than what it is. It is exactly this. I mean I do this every day and, and it is ruining your building. It is rottening it out and you don’t even know it. So it’s a good thing to have a leak come into a building. It’s a good thing to have the league show because then you’re capable of that you have it and that you need to call someone like advanced commercial systems at (918) 973-1010. Well today we’re getting back. We just spent about two, three minutes just getting warmed up there. Uh, we’re getting back today to commercial roofing Tulsa and our smart roof plan. We’ve been talking about that for one or two podcast and we’re getting back in that real quickly to share some of the different aspects of what that smart roof land plans about.

We’ve covered, um, you know, doing drawings of roofing portfolio, you know, basically a very comprehensive inventory for your roof. We’ve covered doing our evaluation or some call it a roof inspection or an analysis and the exhaustive form of that as to where it’s very detailed and very planned out. We’ve covered core sampling. We’ve covered thermal scanning, infrared scanning. We’ve covered, covered our capability of sending a pieces of of your roofing membrane to our laboratories that we work with with Haig engineering. We are certified inspectors for commercial and residential roofs for those guys. And that’s where when we send it down there for that analysis, uh, in their labs and they can check out that roof membrane. You see exactly, you know, what’s going on and what happened to it here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. And then also just basically being able to identify the potential energy savings that we are able to offer and then really being able to eliminate problems like what installation that are causing a loss of energy savings.

And then one of the things we do as well is we sit down and really just begin to work on the calculations of working out how old is your roof and how much life is left in it, what’s the, what’s the, the continual useful lifespan that’s left in your roof. That’s a really, really big deal because that’s going to sit you down to where you were able to start crunching numbers with your budgeting, with your business so that you can specifically see, um, if you’re three years, five years away from being able to, uh, from, from needing a new roof, you can start saving. Now. You can start planning your budget for now. You can put it, you know, when you sit down with your board of trustees or whoever it is that your board for your business or just your wife or whoever it is that helps you run and do what you do, you can sit down and begin to plan that and put that together so that you can have all the answers in front of you as quickly as possible in commercial roof, in Tulsa.

And then really a real time maintenance per plan, um, where we buy annually. Check your roof for free. And so we let you know about a week in advance. We let you know that day in the time because we’re pretty organized at what we do. And then if the weather permits, we come out at that time and we check out your roof. And we just do once again basically a very, uh, very exhaustive summary of this same type of, we’d break, we bring your past evaluation and we bring that with a new evaluation and we walked through, see, has anything changed, you know, advanced commercial systems that we, we, we are the roof nerds of commercial roofing. And we’re proud to say that about herself. You know, the word, the terminology nerd in the past, you know, revenge of the nerds and, and, and Porky’s and all the weird, crazy movies and things that we’ve watched over the years and how nerves of, you know, between Urkel and all of the different individuals through television that had been just shown to be less people.

Um, it’s really, we’re just normal guys were really not just big Geeky nerds with glasses, but we call ourselves a roof nerds because it’s something we’re technically good at. We’re skilled at where the best in the industry, Adam, and we’re proud to be able to stand up and say, hey, we’re the roof nerves of Commercial Roofing Tulsa. We’d love to serve you. And so to reach out to us and to have our expertise come your way are scientific capability of, of being able to tell you the best roofing systems for you. You just reach out to us at (918) 973-1010 I’ll never forget, you can always go online and check us out. There’s two different ways you can check out our Google listing. So many times you can go to Google maps and just type in, you know, advanced commercial systems and you’ll pull us up. And then also online, our online presence is that of our website, which is www dot.

Okay. Ruth hey, we just encourage you to reach out to us. Uh, when you go to our website, you’ll see multiple spots on there which says schedule or schedule. Now Click on one of those buttons. There is just a very, very short form, like the shortest form in the industry. You just put your name, your number and you know, we just give you a call, we give you a call in your email, obviously we just give you a call and touch base with you because uh, it’s our goal to be able to talk to you, to really investigate what you need because many times you don’t know what you need. And so when you get a professional helping you in commercial roofing, Tulsa, you begin pretty quickly to get answers to those things. And so there is a, also with restoring roof roof restoration is a very large part of what we do with commercial roofing.

Commercial Roofing, referent roof restoration is really becoming the most hot item right now in the industry that we’re able to come out and take a roof that’s in bad shape, that that’s very close to needing to be replaced. And for a fraction of the cost, we can do a restoration of that roof. Real quickly, I’m going to spend the rest of our time today describing you why the roof restoration can save you so much money over a long period of time. Um, the international building code requires that if you take a roof that has two layers or more, you’re incapable of putting a third layer on it according to the international building code. If you have one layer, then you can do a layer on top of that with Commercial Roofing Tulsa. And also the same is true in residential roofing. And this is true for broken Arrow tool.

So really the majority of Oklahoma and so, but the international building code won’t let you put a third layer on a roof. So if you already have two layers, you have two options. One option is to take off the top layer. If you can it put a new top layer on. Another option is to take both of those off. Now the problem with that is you go all the way down to the decking. The problem with that is now the international building code, the actual building code that we adhere to here in Tulsa and broken Arrow in commercial roof in Tulsa, that international building code is now requiring you to put on three and a half inches of insulation and sometimes up to three and three quarters, four inches depending on the type of insulation you use. But on the standard it’s very often three and a half inches of insulation.

Well that is a very dramatic cost. That’s very expensive per square. Just for the product alone, you’re, your price of product is going not very high per square and so with a roof restoration process for a fraction of that total cost, we come in and put a a long term waterproofing silicone or Alasta Americ coding on your roof. We take care of all the weak areas and your roof and then we put this coating on given you 10 years or more depending on how much we put on a of a life lift in the roof with no leaks, everything’s watertight, everything’s taken care of. And that’s exactly what we do with advanced commercial systems. To save you tons of money. So, you know, put your full roof replacement out another 10 years, and let’s do a fraction of the cost with a roof restoration plan here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, you know, advanced commercial systems would love to hear for you from you here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, reach out to us and give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we would love to hear from you.