Welcome to advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Welcome to another podcast. We’ve done so many of these podcasts and we always love to have everyone join in with us. Uh, and talk about the topic of the day. And today’s topic is basically um, commercial roof asset management or commercial roof maintenance. Uh, one of our goals is to bring your budget predictability to bring that to a place where it actually means something in your business. And so roof maintenance and a planned staged roof maintenance plan is exactly what you need. Now we have developed ours, the one that we have in motion, the one that we’ve used so many years and we’re always making it better. We’re always tweaking it, you know, here with commercial roofing Tulsa and we’ve turned our roof maintenance plan into what we call the smart roof plan. Now the, obviously that’s a play on words because we are the roof nerds and we call ourselves geniuses of the Commercial Roofing Tulsa, but it’s still stands a point behind it of we’re, we’re in, we’re creating your roof to do the best job that they can do.

We’re making it smarter, we’re making it more efficient and we’re also educating you and we’re creating your commercial Iq to increase as well. And so here with advanced commercial systems, you know, at any time you can always reach out to us. Especially right now we’re in the springtime in a lots of rains come and work. They’re predicting some tornadoes this year and, and hail. I mean we’ve had held twice, two or three times here in the Greater Tulsa area and now it’s been small, but there’s two or three times just the last month, month and a half. And we’re not even really in the spring. Good. So it’s going to be an interesting year and I just want you to know a sale that to say, uh, with commercial roofing Tulsa, you can call us anytime. We have a one 800 number with it doesn’t need the 800 and what I’m saying is it’s a nine one eight number that works just like an 800 number because you’re local so you don’t need a toll free anyway.

And so you’d give us a call at (918) 973-1010 here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. And so once again, as I said earlier, we’re bringing your budget predictability to it, to a place where it actually means something to you. And there’s key elements of what we do and some sort of kind of run through those with our smart plan, some different aspects of it, some different things about it. Because roof maintenance is really a big step in, in people. Property managers, building owners go into that next level of taking care of their building, the entire building envelope. And one of the largest aspects of the building envelope is the roof because of just the torrential rain that can pour on it, the torrential rain that can just sit on it. So, uh, first thing we do is do a comprehensive, a comprehensive inventory concerning your roof.

I’m withdrawings, it’s basically turns into that of a root roof portfolio, a roofing portfolio, and we do drawings, we lay out exactly where you Ruth is and we measure your roof. We document all that in paper form and a digital forum so we can lay that in front of you very easily. Um, then we do what we call a roof evaluation or roof inspection. Some call it an analysis, but we, it’s, it’s entirely exhausted, meaning that we go from top to bottom, every screw, every scene, every termination, every pipe, every, every penetration. We go through the membrane, we’d go through the decking, we go through the ISO board, the installation, we do a core sample, we check for moisture, we check with thermal imaging, we Chet fly a drone around, take some overall shots of it. There’s so many things that we do, um, that takes hours and hours to do.

And I want to, I want to share this with you now. This part of this, this aspect that we’re bringing to you, this exhaustive evaluation, roof inspection analysis, whatever you want to call it. Um, it is literally free. It is, it is no expense and it is a ton of paperwork that’s put in your lap that gives you 100% accurate detail of what your roof in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So it looks like. And so within that we do core sampling. So of course samplings a large part where we’d come in and we screw a course sampling device, a screw, we screw it into your roof and then obviously we come and patch it up so it won’t leak. But infrared scans with scans, with our thermal imaging if needed. We are certified with Hague engineering down in Dallas. That’s where we’re located. There’s multiple locations throughout the country, but Haig engineering, uh, literally are the professionals of the nation for commercial roof, uh, you know, management, commercial roof, a storm damage, and really just assessing commercial roof, uh, and, and things that happen between land, hail and many other different aspects.

And so we do have the capability through those guys for laboratory analysis. And a laboratory analysis is where, let’s say you have a shingle, they got hit with the hail and the Roofer says that it’s held damage and state farm, they’ll send out an engineer or they’ll send out a structural engineer and that engineer comes out in the structural engineer, which is what we’re certified under with Hagar engineering. The structural engineer is purposely representing the insurance company and he says, no, I can see that the hell hidden. We can’t deny that cause there’s granule loss, but the mat of the Shingo is not been damaged. Well we’ll take that shingle, we’ll send that off to our resources and they’ll come back with an analysis that there was damage. And so that the roofing membrane of your TPO or your mod bit or your shingled, no matter what type of roofing system you have, we can cut out a piece and send that in for a complete analysis and they can come up with the answers.

And this is what these guys do every day. So, so they’re not just making up their information, they’re just not coming up with a predicted analysis there. It’s an exhaustive analysis through determination. They literally have the machines that test and they have everything needed to truly come up with scientific algorithms to say whether it’s damaged or not. And then on, honestly, a large part that we don’t talk a lot about that we can offer is the identification of potential energy savings. Um, by getting rid of wet insulation when insulation is definitely bad for your roof, I it needs to be taken care of. There comes a place in time when you get too much installation, wet insulation in your roof that you’re better off just doing a roof replacement. But we can eliminate what installation but pulling out re reinstalling new installation and then recapping that with a new membrane layer.

And so there’s a lot of potential energy savings in that. And then also just the basic potential energy savings in commercial roofing Tulsa that you generally get from using different types of roofing products like the TPO, TPO and PVC products. And they’re really their reflectivity of UV rays, their capability of reflecting thermal thermal heating. And so they’re really, they, I mean only an average, it’s a 25 to 30% increase, uh, in, in savings to you if they saved quite a bit of money to everyone who puts them on. And people can tell the difference quickly at how much their h vac units are required to run to keep the building cool. They can tell very quickly when, when these roofs are put on because it just basically reflects the UV rays and they’re unable to create the thermal heating, the building that they normally would.

And then also in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So let’s talk about the calculations that we come up with that shows the current lifespan of your roof, the useful life that’s left in your roof. We come up with that through scientific algorithms. We come up with that with the calculations and basically knowing very intimately the uh, the lifespan, the warranties of these products, you know, the product was made 20 years ago was put on the roof. Well we, we need to know what the product warranty was then, not now and select mod bit many a times they said it’s a 13 year route. This is a 13 year, 15 year roof. Sometimes they said a 10 they were not as familiar with the lifespan of it then as they are now because now 20 years later we’ve seen what that 13 year old roof could do. And we’ve seen that it lasted 21 years.

And so there’s so many different aspects of what we bring for our smart roof plan. Here’s another one, a detailed report of just basically showing the ratings and the roof condition. You know, just a detailed report and that’s, that is our smart roof plan. That is the, the exhaustive roof inspection put on papers for you here with advanced systems. We would love to hear from you. We’re easy to contact and in commercial roofing, Tulsa, our number is (918) 973-1010 anytime day or not. You need anything, give us a call. We would love to speak with you, ask you really what is your major concern, what can we help you with? And at the end of the day, um, if you have questions, um, and you just want answers over the phone, we’ll do that for you as well. We love to speak with all of our potential clients and customers and we love to just really have a good time, uh, educating people on what we’re extremely passionate about.

There is a reason why we’re called the roof nerves at Tulsa and there’s a reason why we’re the roof nerves of broken arrow. And because as a roof nerd we take on the responsibility of, of, of being able to bring answers to the table. What other roofers are just trying to get an estimate or he’d get an estimate to you. You’re just trying to sell your roof. We’re going to sit down with you and we’re going to educate you and we’re going to let you see a little bit of the aspect of, of the world we’re from so that you can make, you can make the decision. I don’t want to make the decision for him. I can share with you that the, this statistical data, but after that you need to make the decision on what’s best for your roof, within your budget, within the different types of systems and overlays that we’re capable of of producing for you. Hey, thanks for joining us again today for another podcast with a dance. Commercial systems stay dry and here in commercial roofing, Tulsa always remember it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. So giving us a call at (918) 973-1010 in commercial roofing. Tulsa is the best thing that you could do today.