Hey, thanks for joining us with advanced commercial systems and roof nerds of Tulsa and the Greater Tulsa area. So we’re here to talk about your commercial roofing Tulsa. And with us, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science. We know we’ve, we’ve said that many times and I just want to talk about that a little bit. You know, we offer a free roof evaluations and estimates that something that, um, is, uh, is, is just a standard, you know, in the industry to, to uh, come by and, and have people overlook it. But we, we go one step fervor further than just coming and overlooking your roof. You know, we give you a detailed roof evaluation and we give you photos, um, videos, you know, whatever, depending on the type of roof and, and the repairs or replacements that you might need. Um, we will do that for you.

And so we, we send our experts out to you and we go one step further and give you a detailed, a systematic plan, um, with our technical expertise. And that is, um, the science behind our systems. That’s the reason we can say it’s with us. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. So if you have a commercial roofing Tulsa, then you can give us a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero, one zero. So if you have, um, you know, a flat roof and Tulsa or you know, if you have a, you know, a sloped roof, we, you know, are your commercial roof could come in a few different, you know, types of, uh, you know, of buildings. So you know, whether you have a medical facility, a sports complex, manufacturing facilities, schools, industrial plants, churches, office buildings, shopping centers, retail outlets.

Um, so if it’s a slope truth or a flat roof, you know, we can work on that for you. There’s different types of systems, you know, when you just say, um, a steep slope roof or a slope proof that’s often, you know, asphalt shingles, similar to what you’ll see on a residential roof. And we’ve done some giant buildings, you know, that have a roof similar to the type of, of, um, of roofs that are on, you know, a standard suburb in, in the residential suburb in Tulsa. So if you have a, that type of roof, you know, we are experts in that. We have some beautiful, you can look on our website and see some pictures of, of uh, for example, like we did a kindercare over in broken Arrow that they’ve broken Arrow kindercare, like at, let’s see, that’s at 81st near Aspen, the kindercare right there.

Um, we did that within the last year and it looks great. So you can always do a drop by and see it. But not only do we have great quality and our roofs look great when we’re done, but it’s, uh, you know, we’re great to work with and we want to make, we want to be great to work with because we want to supply you with information that you may want. We want to be easy for your business to keep going while we’re there. We, you know, we want to work with you, um, on your sloped roof or on your flat roof. So if it’d be a flat roof. So I mentioned the slope truth like the kindercare it over there in broken Arrow that we did. But if you’re commercial roofing Tulsa is a flat roof. Then we, we work on built up roofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, a modified bitumen roofing’s roof coatings.

You know, we do all these different types of, of uh, you know, TPO, different types of flat roofs. And we can do repairs, we can do replacements, we can do recordings, which is kind of like a roof restoration. It will take, if, you know, depending on how old your roof is, it could be that, um, just a roof coating would be enough to repair your roof. Um, that and you know, checking any, any seams, any penetrations that might be there. So, you know, we send our experts up and we just recently had a situation where, um, uh, we had a, uh, business, um, she was, uh, I guess she wasn’t the owner, but she was the manager of this giant apartment complex and she wanted to have an estimate done for multiple routes. And when I say multiple, we’re talking dozens of roofs, um, for replacements for all these roofs.

And, and, uh, our guys went out there and, uh, you know, we’re talking, I don’t know how many thousands of dollars to replace all of these roofs. Um, I mean, it’s in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And so our guys went out there and we looked over him and these roofs were not in awful shape at all. They were still had many years of life left in them. So he talked to him and he said, you know, you know, I have to be honest with you, these roofs don’t need to be replaced. Thank, we can do a roof repair on these and uh, you could be spending hundreds per roof and not thousands per roof. And The lady was so thankful that, you know, she’d called and got honest roofers because, um, you know, there’s many roofers that would just go for the, you know, trying to make the biggest profit profit possible.

But, you know, that’s not our goal. Our goal is really to, to um, to have satisfied customers and to do the best for you were honest people were roofers and for your commercial roofing Tulsa, there’s no one better you can call in the Tulsa area. Then advanced commercial systems and the roof nerds, they’re smart. Um, they will offer you smart solutions. They really are experts with years of experience in all types of commercial roofs. So for your commercial roofing Tulsa, give us a call at (918) 973-1010. And um, you could save loads of money like what this, this lady was able to do because um, for her shut up giant apartment complex, our guys were, I mean they saved her thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. Um, by just being honest with her because you know, she doesn’t know. She, she knew the age of the roof. Some of the rules, she didn’t even know the age of all the routes, you know.

So we send our guys up, they can do a core sample, they can look at it. Listen, they’re experts. Honestly, they can just look at the roof at first sight and probably give you a pretty good idea. They have a pretty good idea just looking at it whether this roof is, uh, you know, years old and has been repaired incorrectly. Um, one of the roofs that he, that Marty went on recently, um, the owner, I’ve advanced commercial systems, he was telling me that he went on one and someone had tried to repair a roof with just a white can of spray paint. Well that does nothing to repair a roof there. You have to have the right product, you have to have the product. We use products that have a warranties and nail them and you, they have to be applied correctly. And by certified guys, you know, we have our commercial endorsement.

It’s illegal in the state of Oklahoma to do a commercial roof to work on a flat roof or commercial roofing Tulsa without your commercial endorsement. Well, um, we at advanced commercial systems have that commercial endorsement to work on commercial roofs in the Tulsa area, flat roofs. And so it’s important to make sure that your guys, anyone that you have to come out and look at your roof, make sure that they have that because if they don’t, um, you could have some serious fines on your hand. So, uh, give us a call. Nine one eight, nine seven three one zero, one zero. You can contact us, you could go to our website. Okay. Roof nerds.com. Read testimonials. We have great testimonials from satisfied clients. Um, also go and look at our Google reviews. Um, there’s, there’s not a commercial roofer in the, in the area, in the Greater Tulsa area that has more Google reviews in us.

That’s because we really do have satisfied customers who call us again and again for different, you know, you know, we have, um, you know, building owners that own multiple buildings and they’ll call us to work on different buildings for them because they trust our guys. They, um, uh, they like working with us and we like working with them and we want to build a relationship where, you know, you can give us a call 24 hours a day and that we will come out and take care of you and make sure that you don’t have any problems with your, with your commercial roofing Tulsa. And we want to make sure that, you know, there’s no leaks that could cause damage inside your buildings. Cause I mean, that’s our ultimate goal is to keep you watertight and uh, keep you dry so that you can stay dry. And so your commercial roofing Tulsa, um, the way to do, to keep yourself dry is to give us a call. We can give you a free evaluation. We’d love to do that. So with us, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. Give us a call today and we would love to hear from you and schedule an appointment. Now go to okay. Roof nerds.com or (918) 973-1010.