Welcome to advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds. Another podcast that we’re doing here with advanced commercial systems. Uh, today we want to go over some things concerning our website. Now I’m not really sure if you’ve ever been to our website or not, but if you have not, we would love for you to go with there. Actually, while you’re listening to this gas is a good time to go check out, check us out online. Um, you just go to any search engine. You can do Google, you can do really any search engine at all. And now we are optimized to be found on Google because Google is such a strong platform for marketing and everything else, but honestly you can find us anywhere at okay. Roof nerds.com. If you have the second, uh, go over there on behalf of commercial roofing Tulsa, and check us out right now at OK.

Roof nerds.com. Now I want to say that our, that our, our name Ruth nerds, um, we are, um, trademarked and we have a trademark on that name. So we are the actual roof nerds. We’re the ones that are taking care of everything concerning, uh, commercial roofing Tulsa and everything that we have going on here. So please check us out, let us know what’s going on, uh, with your world and what we can do for you for your, you know, thermoplastic, shingle, whatever type of steep slope, low slope, roofing, whatever you have. We are here for you. We do offer no dollar limit warranties for all thermoplastic TPO and PVC commercial roofing systems. Now once again, okay. Roof nerds.com. Um, you, you see at the top of our page of that, we have our, the name of our company, advanced commercial systems. Uh, it talks about how experienced we are being one of the most highest and reviewed roofers in town or in the entire state of Oklahoma.

Then some contact information, just things that were about. Um, and then you see are very popular, a little, uh, our little slogan that we have. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. Now that basically lets people here know in commercial roofing Tulsa, that our roof nerds really are educated. They’re well established in the commercial roofing industry, and you can see our little roof nerd slogan. And then as you move over, you can see that, uh, you can click on, get a free quote. So I just clicked on that. It takes to, to a very simple page. I have seen pages for commercial and residential roofing companies that are asking 30 questions. And, you know, it’s just really a waste of time. Just put down your name, your email, and your phone number. We reach out to you, same day, we interact with you. We talk with you and we really just know the best questions to ask.

And it takes a lot less time than filling out 30 or 40 questions about, do you know, the last time work was root? Your roof was worked on in commercial roofing Tulsa. Do you know how many layers you have? Do you know, all these different things. We don’t need to know all that many of those things, uh, we are, are here to answer for you. So we’re going to back up and go to their main page again. Now you’ll see there’s a little play button right in the middle of the screen. That starts up a video that we have introducing me as the owner of advanced commercial systems. And really just talking about how the company started in a really short video, just talking about, you know, what we’re about and who we are. Um, and then, so right below that you’ll see a list of some of the, just the major companies that we worked with in town.

Now we have not updated this. We’re actually working right now with state farm. We’re working with a lot of different companies, but only here we have Matteo’s pizza KinderCare, Oklahoma state medicine, farmers, insurance, state, farm insurance, Walgreens Chewy’s Oh gosh. Charleston’s I mean, um, the, the broken arrow, uh, um, the, the hub hospitals in town, and then also quite a few of the hotels we’ve worked on and are working on right now. There’s so many things we’re doing, I know LA public schools, we do roofing for them. We just went in contract this week with Bixby public schools here in commercial roofing, Tulsa, taking care of all the stuff for them as well. So I’m just giving you an update on what we do and how we do own here right here on our website. So here’s a list of the things we do. Roof restoration, roof maintenance, roof repair, residential roofing, commercial roofing Tulsa, roof hook replacement.

And in that we just recently in the last two or three podcasts, we talked about the retro fit system that we specifically do for commercial roofing, for metal roofs, putting thermoplastics on top of those, our panel or ag panel or standing seam metal roofs. Now there’s some things that we want you to know specifically about our company that not everyone knows. One of which is about how in 2015, the state of Oklahoma put together, um, a commercial endorsement board, um, you know, is, is called the construction industry board. They were already in place, but they, they put together of the requirements for commercial roofing in the state of Oklahoma and the state of Oklahoma. You have to be a licensed roofer in the state of Oklahoma. You have to have at least 1 million general liability insurance and the state of Oklahoma. You have to have worker’s comp insurance in the state law.

Oh, Oh, state in Oklahoma, you have to have your trucks and your signs and your jobs posted. You have to have those marked with at least two inch letters that are legible. You have to do normal marketing in the state of Oklahoma. You have to use the licensed crews. You have to work with insurance companies and different things. So your crews have to be in place. So these are all the things, all the requirements that we met now, the, in commercial roofing Tulsa, one of the things our roof nerds had to do specifically me was go take a commercial endorsement test upon taking that commercial endorsement test. I did pass that test the first time. And now here is pretty tough for quite a few people to do that as it is a very hard test. So we took that task. We pass it the first time and we’ve been doing legally commercial roofing in the state of Oklahoma.

Ever since if you need anything from us, we love to hear from you. Now, the two best ways to reach out to us is number one, to go to our website and then click on the, just one, an estimate or one and update or reach out to me button, reach out there, hit that button. Now that buttons like get a free quote or, or schedule work. Now you do that. And w and we will get back to you that same day and let you know all the things that’s going on us to work with you, and to begin to get estimates and everything coming your way. Now, the next thing we want to talk about real quickly is with the commercial roofing endorsement, how many commercial roofing companies in the greater Tulsa area and Oklahoma are doing commercial roofing and are legally. And I mean, legally, it is actually, it is actually a crime to be doing roofing in the state of Oklahoma without this endorsement.

If you want a criminal working for you, give those guys a call. They’d love to work for you. They’d also love to not do everything they’re supposed to. When they work on your roof, I’m never here to put on another company. I’m here to let you know, you need to be careful with all the stuff going on, because there are a lot of unethical people out there in commercial roofing Tulsa, you gotta keep your house for them. Now, if you see the major contenders out there that are marketing against me, and we’re kind of competing against each other, the majority of those guys are really good roofing companies that are good legit companies. They’re not as good as me because they’re not roof nerds, but you know, if I didn’t have a company, I would use them or I’d highly recommend them. But what I would do is make sure they’re ethical with me and I would ask them the right questions.

And so, if you want to know the right questions, we have 10 questions. You can ask any commercial or residential roofer. If you want to know what those questions are, reach out to us. And we will send you that PDF document of the 10 best questions to ask every roofer. And so built up roofing, single ply roofing metal, roofing, modified Benjamin roofing, steep slope, roofing roof, coatings shingles. We do it all, whatever you need. That’s what we do. We specialize in emergency repairs here in commercial roofing, Tulsa. We do medical facilities, retail outlets, shopping centers, sports complexes, offices, manufacturing, facilities, churches, residential homes, residential condos, industrial plants, schools, churches. I was on a church. This, this just last week. I was on a school Jessie yesterday, Bixby pub public schools. Um, I hear that in the future, I may well be taken over and doing quite a bit with Katusa public schools, because I’ve got an inside connection there.

Someone I’ve been doing roofing for for many years is coming on board there. And so I should be taken over their roofing here in the next six months. So, uh, so it’s just what we do. We build long-term relationships here in commercial roofing, Tulsa, and that’s how we train our roof nerds. That’s how we want to set ourselves to be, uh, as the top quality roofing company in the state. And so as you check us out, as you see all the things we do, we ask you, we urge you. We plead with you, please go check out our reviews. Our reviews are top notch, and they’re from honest, good people that have, uh, done their best to use us and talk about us and share their great experience they’ve had with us. Once again, check us out. Number one on the, okay. Ruth nerds.com. And then also you can call us at (918) 973-1010. And just remember we build smart roofs.