Welcome to advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds, we are roof nerves because we are passionate and crazy. Uh, if crazy in love was Commercial Roofing Tulsa is what we do every single day. It’s what we’re, uh, we wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. We, we wake up in the morning and thinking about it, we go to bed at night dreaming about Commercial Roofing Tulsa and that’s what we are professionals at. And so here with advanced commercial systems here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, we are the absolute premier commercial roofing contractors that you should be able to call. And so when it comes time for you to have a metal roof, metal roofing, when it comes time to have your shingle roof or back porch or whatever it is, um, installed or repaired, we’re definitely the guys. Yeah, call. We definitely would love to hear from you. And when it comes to, um, to the large loss insurance claims with, with, uh, commercial buildings were definitely the ones that call as well because of our assessment capabilities that we have that we’ve developed over years and years of expertise over years and years of with the better business bureau of the National Roofing, National Roofing Contractors Association.

And, and also just to be very blunt with an engineering company, Haig certified engineers where we are certified inspectors of commercial roofs. And so we use thermal imaging, we use drones. We use really just tons of experience and expertise when it comes time for, you know, engineering reports. When it comes time for a claim analysis, uh, claim policy review. These are the things that we bring to the table. It was just a, in the last few days that we met with an insurance adjuster here in broken Arrow, um, assessing a roof. I knew that the roof, the roof did have some wind damage, minimal wind damage and the building owner, uh, decided to go ahead and have us repair, completely repair the damage just because we didn’t, we had rains coming. We didn’t want to put a tarp on it. He, he didn’t want to put a tarp on it and we don’t mind putting a tarp on it, but we wanted to go ahead and get everything in place, uh, for the, the roof to be taken care of for the adjuster coming out.

So, so the adjuster came out and basically we found some wind damage, but the hail damage wasn’t quite as likely and it was a smaller hale. And you know, we, we with Hague, uh, certified inspectors with an engineering company. This basically for the most part when it comes to Commercial Roofing Tulsa, um, you know, envelopes really a large part of what we’re about or what hake engineering is about is that there are structural engineers. And so there’s forensic that they have, there’s a lot of different things that they do, they bring to the table. But here are the advanced commercial systems we would go open to, they’re heading for their expert engineer reports. Those are made available to us. Expert roof, a inspection reports. We, we, we built those and we give those and offer those for our clients. Um, and we are a general contractor.

So what we don’t do, just roofing, although that is our forte is what we really focus on. But we are a general complete general contractor for anything that needs to be done. What if you had the need for emergency water remediations? Uh, well we can help you with that best. That’s something that we can do. We can sub that out and find the best guys in town like Black Morin. So a lot of different companies, um, that we can use. And so when it comes time for forensic inspections, so what exactly does that mean? I mean here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So what does it mean to have forensic inspections? What’s basically we are spending quite a bit of time at assessing the data and the lifespan that your roof should have had. And then we’re calculating that with some specific formulas and did to determine, uh, what caused your life, the life of your roof to end quicker.

And so really it’s, it’s almost like a forensic science used, you know, to try to find out someone who died. We basically are saying that your roof has died because of wind or storm or some type of hail damage. And we’re coming in and we’re, even if the roof is in very, very bad shape, even if the building has a lot of damage, which we saw here to two or three years ago and told, so we had a tornado come right through the middle of the city and we had some total, you know, skyscraper building, some pretty tall buildings. Um, get, you know, totally damaged. I mean they’re actually going to tear down the Remington tower here in commercial roofing, Tulsa. So tons of forensic science and forensic inspections. I guarantee you they brought out mini, mini, mini structural engineers for the roofing, for the building, for the entire structure and really begin to assess if the building is capable of being able to stand.

Is the building capable of being able to be rebuilt? And so we can help on the aspect of, of the Commercial Roofing Tulsa side and also our connections and our capabilities with um, Haig engineering. If you do need it for an entire building envelope, please give us a call. And we will hook you up with the right people that can help you. And so as far as engineering, whether event, recreation, recreation reports, and so basically what we’re saying about it, it’s a lot of times insurance companies will specifically say, Hey, well there wasn’t any hail damage, you know, in your area. And I’ve had them say that when there was, and so sometimes you know, we need to go back and get some specific uh, weather event record, you know, recreation reports does show and recreate exactly what happened. And the timeframe that happened in is really one of the important aspects of the entire, you know, uh, getting the roof taken care of by an insurance company.

And like I say, what we’re doing is we’re just going over some of the, really the detail, the forensic side, the, the technical services that we provide here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, Tulsa. So hell impression, impression, uh, pads. Hell impression. Uh, being able to study a, he’ll hit being able to study an impression where a hell’s been so large part of what we bring to the table. We can, uh, depending on the type of battle, the 10, depending on the type of object that the hail hit, we have the capability of measuring the hill just by the hit. And so there’s some formulas that we put into play and that allows us to know the size of the hill that way. And this would stand up in court. This would stand up with your insurance company because we, you know, but now they’re not going to go out of their way to replace your roof.

They’re not normally their norm. Not going to go out of your way to make sure that your, your roofing, uh, is taken care of if it’s very questionable. And the question, what part is, you don’t have the hail in your hand. How, you know, how do you know what timeframe the hell came? And that’s where we step in and we say, hey, we have some reports showing some specific things, disaster restoration. Now where we’re not the pros at disaster restoration. We are the pros at disaster roofing problems where we can come in and help. But we always outsource our disaster restaurant, recreate a restoration. And our emergency water remediations, we outsource those as well. We have some great, we have three different companies here in town that we can use that we highly recommend. I specifically say stay away from bird graph restoration. I’ve had really bad experience with those guys and uh, it was just a complete lack of mismanagement and every level I was pretty ashamed of how they drug.

Literally a four or five day job. They drug it on for a month. It was completely insane. I had to come in myself and purposely solve the problem for them and I don’t even, and this was many, many years ago, I did, didn’t even do anything along this line that many years ago. So, uh, here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa we’re not going to put anyone down where it was going to build people up. Um, so I wouldn’t want to put them down specifically. I’m just saying I would, I would really check out the reviews and really listen to your, listen to other people’s experiences before you go off and hire those guys. Now we’re professionals in all types of commercial, roofing and residential. There’s no type of roof that we can’t do. Um, and now, now keep this in mind. We have our complete documented record of repair logs. And so when we’re working on your buildings, when we’re working on your roofs for longterm, you know, for five years, 10 years, 15 years, we have all the logs and all the information concerning that saved in our systems to make sure that a, we’re not going back and doing the same work twice and stuff like that here in commercial roofing toll.

So that’s the level of expertise that we bring to you. Now what about carpooling and shrink? Shrink wrapping. What about tarping your roof? Now that’s part of of the remediation at the beginning process to keeping from more water from going into the building. And so we come in with disaster tarping and and roof tarping and shrink wrapping everything it needs to be. And then also we got some great connections with some really good public adjusters. Now you might not be familiar with that term, but there are public insurance adjusters that are a licensed with the state of Oklahoma by the Insurance Commission. And they literally can represent you the same way an insurance adjuster can from your insurance company. Oh, hey, we are running out of time right now hearing commercial roofing Tulsa. I just want to say thank you for joining with us another time today. Another podcast got finished up for us. We are, I don’t know, 270 280 podcasts that we’ve done many, many weeks. We’ve been doing these and it’s been a great pleasure, uh, once again here with commercial roofing tulsa. So we appreciate you for joining us with advanced commercial systems. Our phone number is (918) 973-1010. Give us a call because it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.