Welcome to advanced commercial systems. Welcome to a podcast that we have been doing for a long time out. Literally to not just share the heart and the mind and the processes and the commercial roofing Tulsa that yeah, we saw often do. It’s not just about that here. It’s also about really letting our clients know that their first, um, and so there we have a sheet that we call a one sheet. Well here in commercial roofing Tulsa. Our one sheet is a large part of our communicating. Um, when we began to communicate with our clients or our potential clients, you know, who we are and what we’re about. This one sheet is really just a bullet proof bullet point sheet that lets us go through and share with our clients, you know, the things that we do. And so I’m going to kind of cover this today and I’m going to refer to all the other roofers in town as the other guys.

Now I want you to understand not all roofers fit into this category of the other guys, but I got to let you know that a lot of them do. Uh, so first point is about the other guys, many times they chase storms and, and in our, in our field, you know, here in Tulsa here in Oklahoma, really, and Texas and part of Kansas and Missouri and so parts of Arkansas, we definitely use the terminology a storm Chaser, uh, in commercial roofing Tulsa. I guarantee you you’re going to hear that terminology a lot. Um, the terminology of storm chasers. And so that’s talking about what a storm chaser is. If someone that, you know, here’s where the big storm that comes in, toll shower hour, Edmund Oklahoma or, or Dallas, Texas or a Frisco, Texas. I know they just had a huge hailstorm in Frisco, Texas, uh, just in the last five or six days.

Yeah, Darren t you put a million dollar bill on it. There are dozens and dozens of commercial and residential storm chasing roofing companies that are moving and setting up shop in Frisco, Texas and the, and the area and the region around there. Now, I can’t say that I blame him out of that hunger aspect of it because I’ll tell you that when you’re trying to pay your bills, when you trying to, I’ve been there for many, many times. When you’re starving, when you just, when you just need a break, when you can go do a roof and make $4,000 and do another one to make $4,000 and do another one and, and do for roofs and make $16,000 profit because that’s a good 4,000 profit is a good round number on a residential roof. You know, that’s a good number with a lot of times where it like the, the pricing falls, um, with or without insurance, it’s kind of the best, kind of a middle number, 3,500 to 4,000 profit.

When you can do that and in one month make 16,000 and you’re starving and you’re, you know, you got a wife and kids, you know, I’m going to put you down. I’m not going to put you down because we as people, we just want to survive, man. We just won’t, we won’t survive. I don’t want to put you down. If you’re the unethical guy that goes and does that, and like many times have done, been done in the past, you take someone’s insurance check and then you leave and you throw that phone away and that phone numbers and doesn’t exist anymore. Your company was basically a bogus company in the first place. It was started just for the purpose of being able to take a bunch of checks and then you go away. Uh, whether you’re in commercial roofing Tulsa or wherever, Texas or Oklahoma, and you just go away and those people lost that money.

I know people that have given seven, eight, $10,000 checks to other roofers and the roofers never did the job, never corresponded with them, never communicated again. They just went away. Imagine you’re, so, this is a scenario you’re sitting in, your insurance company shows up and says, you’ve got a $12,000 roof. We’re going to give you $11,000 you need to pay a thousand to your contractor. Your contractor says, well, that’s your deductible. I’ll, I’ll pay your deductible. I’ll cover your deductible and I’ll do your roof for $11,000 you say, okay, that’s great. Well, the insurance company gives you the first check for $5,000 and when you get the action’s going to be about $6,000 go give you the first check for about $6,000 the second check of $5,000 is going to come and work none. You had a $6,000 check over this roofer. He gets his truck, goes down the road next day, picks up another $6,000 check the next day goes and picks up another $6,000 check.

Well, you guys are beginning to phone him and he’s not answering his phone. He goes and picks up another two or 3000 to another two or three, a $6,000 checks. He’s got over 20 $30,000 in his hand. A first insurance company checks $30,000 his hand, he goes, puts that in the bank, waits one week, takes it all out, closes the account, throws the phone with that phone number in a Trashcan, drives back to Wisconsin, Montana, wherever he come from. That my friend is the cheese ball storm chaser that we’ve dealt with in Oklahoma. That’s the guy who literally just spit 30 days and made $10,000 you know, made a $30,000 a day, $1,000 a day for 30 days and went home and paid his bills for six months because he cheated a lot of honest people. So, but here’s the flip side of this here in commercial roofing Tulsa, I see this all the time now you’re standing there, you don’t have any money in your bank account.

You don’t have anyone doing your roof. Your insurance company is not going to send you the second check of 5,000 until the roof is done. Now you got to come up with the money to get the roof done. The then being reimbursed only $5,000 from the insurance company. How many people have $6,000 laying around? A lot of them don’t. I work with, I’m, I’m middle class, I’ve worked with middle class all my life and I’m telling you, they don’t have it. They don’t have the money in the account. And so with Commercial Roofing Tulsa, advanced commercial systems, I’ll tell you, we’re going to take care of you. We’re not going to lie. We’re not going to treat you. I live in broken arrow. I show you my home. I’ll bring you over and, and make you make you a cake

commercial roofing. Um, it’s, it’s not as complex as sometimes we make it out to be. What’s complex is being able to work with a client and really when you’re done, have a great job done and that commercial roofing Tulsa is finished and the roofing project was turnkey, everyone’s happy, everything turned out good. The client gives a good review. I challenge you, if you get a free minute, go to our Google listing. You can type in Google maps and upon typing in Google maps, you can go to our Google listing, add, um, you know, advanced commercial systems, broken Arrow, or advanced commercial systems, our new location in Tulsa, typing advanced commercial systems toll. So, and you’ll pull up, you know, one of our two Google listings go to the broken Arrow one. Uh, we’ve had more reviews on our pro

Panera campus. Uh, strictly because it’s, you know, or not our campus, but are broken air location strictly because the location’s been there much longer. We just opened our Tulsa location just recently. But with the opening of that location, it didn’t take long. We were up to almost 20 reviews right now just by work that we’re doing. And thanks for taking care of. So,

um, but yeah, over well over, well, well over a hundred reviews at advanced commercial systems. You could click on our link there, that’s called a Google listing. You can click on our Google listing on Google maps and you can see, oh really what people are saying about us. And, uh, you know, we don’t twist everyone’s arms, say, hey, give us five stars. We basically say, hey, we, we’d appreciate a five star review if we’ve earned it. And, you know, we, we get a lot of good feedback in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So from our clients over and over and over again, we’re getting reviews from people that have really had a great experience as a turnkey top best, uh, roofing experience with us. And, and one of the best ways to two since that to come up with that resolution is basically the fiddle, the leaks have gone away. It’s really important when you’re commercial roofing company to be able to make links go away. If your lips are not going away, um, then you may be, ought to consider a different profession because it’s pretty important. That’s right.

Pretty important aspect of the job with advanced commercial systems. There’s a few things that we know that we do better than the others of communication, communicating with our clients, um, sharing with our clients, you know, different types of roofing systems, really, uh, what we call in commercial roofing Tulsa, increasing our clients

Q and really causing them to be a capable of using their wisdom to make the best decisions and get things taken care of. So Hey, we appreciate all you guys that join us every week. It’s been a long week already for us and it’s just now Wednesday. We’re actually getting a podcast done on Wednesday today and it’s already been a long week for us. We’ve got so many jobs going on. I’m literally fixing to run up Aleme at the, uh, ibt, uh, building at 91st announced, uh, get on the third story of that and it look at a roof right now. So if we can do anything for you here and commercial roofing Tulsa, please give us a call at nine one eight two, six, nine. I’m sorry, nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. We hope you guys have a wonderful day.