Now the next time that you interact with a roofing problem, whether you are in a residential home or a commercial building, I really want to encourage you, give us a call. I think I’m, I’m for sure, I’m actually quaintly positive that your interaction with advanced commercial systems is going to leave a really, really good taste in your mouth. Um, this is, this is why I say this. I’m speaking specifically of one property manager that used to have used this a few years ago on a few jobs and his comment to us was your pricing’s kind of high and now this was years and years ago. Well, after he shared that with us, I went back and begin to look at my pricing. I begin to lay it all out. Um, study. I became a student of pricing roofing. Really, I really did. I really became a student of being able to sit down and very quickly, very accurately come up with the fair pricing for in the market that we’re in for the specific job being quoted.

And so having done that, uh, we sat down after interacting with this gentleman, he is such a great guy and I didn’t want to not have as business, but he basically said, well, I’ve been using another roofer. Their pricing is better. I said, well, yeah. I said, I understand their pricing is better in commercial roofing Tulsa, but there’s a reason why you called me because they don’t make the leaks go away. So it’s easy for someone. Yeah, I’m going to be cheap when they’re not getting the job done. He’s like, well, that’s not really everything I look at. I’m, I’m really needing the pricing down. They do make some links go away. There’s just some that we’ve called you on that they didn’t make go away. And I said, well, I understand that, but it costs money to get the job done ride. So in time I began to hear in Commercial Roofing Tulsa.

So you know, being the owner, the founder, the operator, the CEO, the CFO, basically everything of advanced commercial systems, you know, Tulsa’s best Commercial Roofing Tulsa. As we began to put all this together, I began to find that I can adjust my pricing and bring it down for all of my clients. If we begin to adjust our overhead and our cost and our buying. It is almost daily that I’m on the phone with our suppliers, talking to them about pricing, working out, um, how to get better pricing from them almost on a daily basis. We’re doing this now. The reason why is because if I can bring my pricing down on purchasing materials that I can, I can show that decrease in price, I can overlay that to my clients and it keeps me competitive. It keeps my clients happy and it keeps jobs coming my way because I’m offering a great service guaranteed to make your lead go away for the same price.

The guys who were not making the leaks go away every single time. And so it’s a great, it’s a great opportunity for us to really show who we are and the expertise that we bring to the table every single time. It’s, it’s good. It’s a good market. We’re in here in Tulsa and uh, I’ll tell you, it’s good to have so many people that joins in with our podcast on a weekly basis. Every weeks for many, almost 280 weeks we’ve been doing this. Sometimes I have, uh, some of my roof nursing staff, they’ll do some of the podcasts. We have different people that do different things, different roles here at our office in our warehouse and, but here with advanced commercial systems, as I was interacting with that one specific, um, property manager I’ve, I’ve wanting back, that’s what I was wanting to share with you.

I adjusted my pricing. I kept becoming, keeping myself in front of pricing the other people were doing. I kept myself a student of structuring my pricing module. I just made myself a student of a daily and weekly, uh, looking at it, studying it. What can I do? How can we keep our overhead down? What can I do to, when we make big profits on some big jobs, to not just blow through that money to create stability in my company. And that’s the been the object all alone, not for me to get rich, but for me to create a company that is slap full of stability, financial stability, so that my guys, my roof nerds, I pour pour into them so much for them to become who they are as a great roofing advisor, roofing technician, roofing estimator, project managers. Um, and so in all of this I won that.

I won that property manager back in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. Oh. So, and it was a good feeling. It was a good feeling. The winning back because he’s a good man. I really like him. He’s a good Christian man. I love talking to him and the services we’re offering was making the links go right now. We worked on a roof I last week for him and the next rain it leaked and I was literally shocked. I inspected the before and after, before the the crew to the job and it was a small repair area, but I was, I was shocked. And so literally I get in my truck and drive there, get up on the three story building and look at the ins and I’ll see immediately what happened. There were just some very small pinholes that were missed. And I’m gonna tell you a pin hole is the size of a pinhole there was super small and those pin holes allow the smallest bit of moisture into the membrane.

And it created a, into the coding that we were applying the coating layer membrane and up on that happening, we found out pretty quickly that we’re gonna have to rip off just the, the damaged area, which we, we actually, we sent a crew out this morning and they ripped off that, that damaged area. We’ve got a dry, it’s it’s and bacon a little bit in the sun today and we’re going to get some new coating on there. We’re going to do it at it at a different level of something that will not allow pinholes to be there. And so having done all of this here at advanced commercial systems, there’s no one that does what we do. I don’t want you to understand there’s no one that’s really doing what we’re doing. There’s no one that’s bringing, um, the level of expertise. I tell you what they’re doing.

These guys, I talked to him. I know him, I’ve worked with them, I’ve worked for them. A lot of these other Commercial Roofing Tulsa, they just want jobs. I don’t want a job. I want a customer. I want someone, I want a client. I want someone I can build a longterm relationship with. Because when I interacted with a gentleman or a lady concerning Commercial Roofing Tulsa, it is many, many, many times they had more than one roof. They have a lot of roofs. And so when we interact with them, we’re coming from the mentality that these people, they’re the bread and butter of the industry. They’re the building owners. They’re the building managers here with commercial roofing Tulsa. They’re the ones that we look to. They’re the ones that we do our marketing for them to just place that one call to us where we can immediately begin to build rapport.

So if you’re a commercial roofing Tulsa Roofer, uh, or a Commercial Roofing Tulsa contractor listening or a Commercial Roofing Tulsa company listening to this podcast, I tell you, I’m sharing with you my secrets. My secrets is basically old school take care of clients to such a high level of degree that when they think of you, they have a good thought. Now, I was sharing last podcast about how I was interacting with a bank and they basically told me that my bank went paperless and I really wanted the paper and they left a bad taste in my mouth and I literally drove away from that drive through line. I was in the commercial lane. I literally drove away from there thinking, should I change banks? What can we do at advanced commercial systems? How can we develop, grow, mature? That’s a strong word, mature. How can we mature as a communicating, interacting productivity, construction, commercial, roofing company?

How can we mature and create an environment where our clients never think that our customers never think that? What does that one book customer wants client forever, you know, uh, how do we turn them from a customer to a client? How do we turn that into a longterm relationship? Now I’ll tell you, I’ve got some property managers I’ve done well over a hundred jobs for seriously, I got one property manager is named Steven. I’ve done well over a hundred jobs per se for him. And there have been quite a few of them that leaked. Again, there’d be quite a few of them that needed some tweaking after we were done. You know, because it’s just part of life. I mean, you’re dealt with a flat roof, you know, you’re dealing with, uh, with, uh, a construction crew. I’m not there every second of the day doing the weld on the TPO scene.

I can be on the building, I can be on the ground making sure everything runs smooth down there. I can be on the other side of the building, but I can’t watch every single thing. But we, we have the systems in place to check those roofs. Um, but sometimes Oliq comes from an area that you didn’t even work on. Sometimes it comes from an area that you didn’t check as well as you should have. And we deal with those problems. We definitely deal with those problems and as we deal with those in commercial roofing Folsom, we’re developing and growing and getting better. That’s why I say we stand had above other, the majority of the other commercial roofing companies because they want a job. I don’t want a job. I want productive, efficient systems in my business. That creates such a great productive environment that we have no way to do anything but succeed and create clients out of customers where they’re happy with the service that we’ve offered them.

Hey, this is Marty gruesome again with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Hey, we thank you so much for joining us on another podcast. We’re coming to the end of it now. If you need anything, check us out at www dot. Okay. Roof you can click on the schedule now button. We will immediately get a hold to you within just a few hours. And we’re always checking their emails. Staying on top of that are off the staffer and are nerds, roof nerds. They’re on top of their own, own the ball, uh, wanting to communicate with you concerning your roofing needs. And then you can also just give us a call, our 24 hours, seven day a week number, local number right here in broken Arrow and Tulsa, (918) 973-1010. Just remember, stay dry. And it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science.