So if you’ve been joining our podcast, uh, over the last few weeks, um, you might have some questions cause I’ve been talking about some pretty deep subjects here about different types of um, roof inspections, different types of, uh, inspection reports, engineer reports, forensic science of roofing, more of, more along the lines of forensic reports and forensic inspections, um, for buildings that have perceived damage and many times that is from um, storm or fire. You don’t get a whole lot more damage other than that. I mean here in Oklahoma in the last few years, we’ve seen some minimal damage with some buildings from uh, earthquakes. Now we did have, um, I cannot remember the city but I specifically as a, uh, as an inspector for Hague, uh, and it just an avid lover of building the envelopes I drove to. Um, I guess it was probably about four years ago. We had a pretty big earthquake in one town and we could feel it all the way over here in a broken air on toll.

So commercial roofing Tulsa and, but we drove about about an hour, hour and 10 minutes to this town. And some of the buildings on the main street, some of the walls of the top of the parapet walls and some of the walls and you’re talking 80 90 year old buildings with really old brick. Some of the walls had been crumbled in the street and the streets had to be shut down. So a pretty cool, pretty cool experience here for Oklahoma’s not something that we, obviously it’s not cool for the building owner, but for those of us who don’t live in La and don’t live in a, you know, where there’s a lot of seismic activity, it was a kind of an interesting, um, an interesting experience to get to go there and see the streets being roped off and, and being unable to walk near the buildings because they were unstable.

And so here with uh, advanced personnel systems, before we get into our podcasts, he need deeper, let me share with your, our intro are, or you can contact us. Our phone number here is (918) 973-1010 here in commercial roofing Tulsa. And so just to keep you informed. Also if you wanted to reach us by email, you could just email us, you know, advanced. Okay. Which stands for Oklahoma and advanced. Okay. At and then even more so we’d love for you to check us out online. Our online presence is a good presence. It is, uh, www dot. Okay. Roof we would love for you to go check us out online. And when you go onto our webpage you’ll see specific items at the top, you know, services and testimonials. You can go up there and, and just below that you can see where schedule is a schedule button. And I’ve been having a lot of schedule buttons being clicked and information sent to us recently. Basically it’s people just online like you that are needing their, their commercial or the residential home or building taken care of.

They’re having a roof issues or are they just, they’re wondering what’s going on with the roofing systems. And so we’re definitely the ones that call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero and give us a call and let us know what’s your thinking, what’s going on in your brain, why are you calling, why are you thinking about your roofing system? Is it giving you a leaking or you just wondering how old it is? Maybe in the next year you’d like to sell your home or, so you’re building and you would like for us to come out and do an assessment of free 24 hour assessment. You know, basically I love to call it in the valuation. We evaluate all aspects and we gather all the data of the route for you and we’re bringing it to you so you can be as smart as we are. So, uh, now going back to the services we provide, we just recently covered are documented record of repair logs. Because when we work with companies for a long period of time, we’d always keep up with all of our records to make sure that we have everything documented. Cause there’ll be a time anytimes there might be, uh, problems with the roof, you know, so what I mean by that. So let me share with you one practical reason why this is, this is important.

You might be thinking, oh, it’s just another thing we say we do, I’ll explain to you, but I’ll say for five years I’ve been doing a maintenance plan, a smart roof plan, is that what we call it for your roof? For five years we’ve been doing a smart roof plan where we come up twice a year, we take pictures of your building, we’ll take pictures of the exterior of the building on low. It would take to your peer pictures, uh, probably about 40 on an average 40 pictures of your roof while we’re on the roof. And that’s your average a hundred square, you know, from 50 to a hundred square roof, small roofs. We might take another 30 to 40 pictures, really raw, large roofs with tons of h VAC units. You might get well over a hundred a hundred pictures. We take all of that that we take, uh, and then all the data.

But just the pictures alone, we store that in our files. We store that in our system and our hard drives. We have a Dropbox with a terabyte. We store all of that for you and it’s stored. So at anytime you can contact us are let’s say five years into us taking care of you here in commercial roofing Tulsa. Suddenly you have a storm come through and it causes damage to your roof. And it actually pulls up. Like I had this happen with a corporate woods here in town. Um, that’s a building managed. Um, and we used to do some roofing for and basically a storm came and ripped the EPD m roof off of a large section. And when that happens, um, you really have no evidence of the condition of the roof before that. And so, but you don’t know anything and you get a roofing company to come out and they come out and they rip away all the, all the bad damaged roofing and they throw it away.

And in the way your insurance guy comes out and he’s, he can’t see the condition of the old roofing system. And so you don’t have any reports, you don’t have anything. So that’s why you’d have to call it advanced commercial systems. We’ll have here in commercial roofing Tulsa will have exactly what you need. We’ll have all that documented for you and we offer that to you for free because that’s just part of a, you know, you trusting us and working with us as your commercial roofing company. So that’s just one of the specific things that we do. Now let’s get over into some more of the analysis is and forensic inspections that we do pre loss assessment now that’s what I was just making a reference to. So pre loss assessment

we can have the capability of going back and pulling up your pictures and pulling it up. The condition of your roof. If an only if now I’ve stressed that only if we have been the ones taking care of your roof, like a maintenance plan or we’ve done some, some work to your roof in one shape, form or fashion. But if there has not been any work done by us where there is no documentation of the condition of the roof, we many times can, can build the plan and rebuild the plan and rebuild the condition and the lifespan of the roof. Just basically by being able to find evidence and forensic evidence during our inspection period around your building envelope. Another thing we bring to the table is a professional claim of preparation. So that’s a huge part working with insurance companies working with exact made and many different roofers that we do and many insurance companies that we do here in commercial roofing Tulsa, it’s all

always great to be able to look at a building and be able to come up with the current condition and the past condition and then being able to project that to an insurance company of the damage has been happened and so whatever damage has happened as a professional claim preparation company, we put that together and the package that they, it’s not, let’s just say it this way, we speak the insurance company’s language. That’s the best way to say it. What about large loss general contracting? You know, major contracting, large loss from winter storm. We take care of those services as well. Expert Insurance, legal counsel. Now we, we are not attorneys but we have access to these guys and we have good relationships with these guys and we can help you in that as well. Expert Property and casual jolty

losses. There are attorneys that will help you along those lines as well. Now, and here’s the one that we were talking about wanting to go, I’m a huge fan of this one. It’s basically a maintenance plan here in commercial roofing Tulsa and it is a roof service plan and maintenance and roof service plan. And so you could, you start doing the numbers when you start doing the numbers of how much you would spend on a roof plan on a smart roof. The one that we do, you start seeing the daily or the yearly numbers of that plan and you begin to filter that against no. When you have a large size roof, you get to filter that against. If you didn’t have a plan, how much money would you be spending? Uh, for just basic pawning areas going bad. I mean, and so taking care of these areas beforehand saves you about half the money. I mean, you, you literally save yourself a lot of money and then you’re also, and that’s just exterior and the interior, the interior is effective as well. And you could literally shut down our department of your, of your business for two or three days because something wasn’t taken care of in the right manner.

And so that’s where we add advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing toll. So we come in and we help you alarm store monitoring, forensic inspection, engineering, infrared roof inspections, whether inspections through historical data, hell impression, installation, uh, so many different things. Disaster, roof, tarping these are the things we bring to the table to give you the best that we can. And remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s through science. If you need us, please give us a call or number’s (918) 973-1010. And we hope you have a great day.