If you’re looking for a roofing company that has, uh, a year round, um, services that, that literally offers you year round services of emergency leak repair. Uh, I think you just found them. Our Name is advanced commercial systems and this is a podcast that we do. We do this podcast a lot. We’d done over 300 podcasts and specifically for the purpose of being able to share with you who we are, what the industry’s about, the good, bad and ugly in the industry. Because at the end of the day, property managers, building owners, uh, people of your caliber, they, uh, they’re, they’re, they will spend time, they’ll spend money though spin education, uh, you know, effort to make sure that their buildings and their roots are being well taken care of. So here with advanced commercial systems, this is another podcast where we’re doing the same thing as we’ve been here in commercial roofing, Tulsa.

And so if you’re needing a repair, we are definitely a company that call, we do year round, winter, spring, summer, fall. Um, our, our crews, they’re highly trained, um, our roof nerds who come out and assess your problem. They’re specifically trained with Hagen engineering, which is an engineering firm out of Texas. Uh, many of our clients they really do utilize, are leaking. Uh, our leak professionals are leak cruise if we can call them that because these guys come out and really just searched the whole area. Finding leaks is one of the big challenging parts. Many times of our industry because of the leaks can come from different directions just because of how the roofs are built. The internal mechanism of the roofing assembly. And so when it comes to severe storms, when it comes to severe catastrophes, or even if you have fire issues or if you have just a, you know, minor leaking or major roof replacement or you just like to set up a smart roof plan that we offer, which is our, our yearly biannual checkup of a roof plan where we come in and really implement a roofing maintenance plan for your building, no matter what you want to do.

Uh, our experience experience coordinator at our office, she’s the coordinator that that sets everything up for us on a daily basis. Basically like a Jack Bauer used to call a in the CTU and have his day planned out and, and, and he never followed it. That’s, we don’t do the never follow it part. We, we, we call in, we get our day, our days planned out, hour by hour, half hour by half hour, and we here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So we jumped to the gun and we get busy with what we’re doing. And so, um, so here’s some questions that we’re often asked and when I’m asked these questions, really sometimes I just want to refer people to our website because we do answer these questions on our website. And one of the, one of the questions is, you know, um, concerning leaking roofs, what causes a leaking roof. And if you’ve been with our podcast for some time, we’ve covered just about every type of leaking roof that we can cover, but let’s try to sum it all up real quickly.

Um, an older roof that the, the water tight membrane, the waterproofing aspect of that roof, the membrane has begun to lose its ability to a whole water out. So here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So that’s one of the main things that we’ll see. Um, one of the main things is the roof. It’s just getting the, the number one reason for leaking roofs is the roof is getting older and it’s not doing its job anymore. Uh, second thing is going to fall over into the metal roofing category quite a bit cause there’s a lot of metal roofs in Tulsa and broken Arrow and the Greater Tulsa area. And there’s a lot of metal roofs and these metal roofs, uh, the, the metal panels themselves are still doing their job. It’s just with the hot and the cold and the moving of these metal panels with the contracting and retracting of the heat and cool.

It’s causes the screws and the seems to open up and it causes leaking that way. And so those are easily fixed. I just worked on one Saturday myself, literally over an, I know la working on a roof just like this. And so there’s some something, different things that we do in the industry to try to cause leaks to go away. But those are the two main reasons why we see leagues. There’s a another third reason which just comes out to mine in commercial roofing Tulsa because just recently I had to work on one where the roof had moved so much. It just split a, uh, it was a built up roof and it is called a split all the way down to or a two buildings were kind of joined to each other and the buildings move, you need to understand the ground is moving, the building’s moving hot and cold is causing the roofing to move and that will cause up, uh, openings to be, tend to be in the roof.

Another question that we get pretty often. How do I, uh, you know, when it comes to when it comes to wintertime, when it comes to the extreme cold, um, what do I do with the roofing, with any roof leaks that happened in the wintertime? What do I do with that? Well, first thing you do is you pick up your phone and you dial (918) 973-1010. That’s the number here to our main office, a advanced commercial systems. Uh, that number will be rerouted to me or one of our roof nerds if it had just happened to be during the nighttime or something. And you just needed to take care of a problem. But I can tell you, given us a call for winter roof leaks is not any different than any other time. We’ll come out, we’ll assess the situation now. So let’s get into product real quickly to answer this question.

Product is what it’s all about. There are some products that just will not work in the wintertime and it depends on how cold the winter time. I, my number one loved coding product cannot be applied with any dirt on the roof, any no moisture at all on the roof and below 40 degrees. And with it being above 40 degrees, it needs to be above 40 degrees for about five hours after the product has been installed because it needs time to begin to cure. It is a moisture cured, not an air cured product. So it begins to dry and it begins to cure because of moisture and humidity in the air. So it doesn’t bother me a whole lot if there’s a very, very, very light moisture on the roof. But the problem with that as it causes it to not stick well and you have to do other things to cause the product to stick because the moisture itself helps cure of the product.

But we have to have adhesion of the product and that means is specifically needs to stick to the roof. And so when it comes to shingles, we don’t want to do shingles below 40 degrees. We can do repairs obviously, but we really don’t even like doing that below 40 degrees. Uh, and it’s not safe. And when you get roofs cold, you can have more strip there that you can’t see and they can cause problems. We don’t want to get on any type of steep slope roofing in Commercial Roofing Tulsa so that they could have some steep, you know, that could have some moisture on it in the, in the wintertime. And so, um, and so, but I do have some products that can go down to 32 degrees and I use those products pretty often. There’s some silicone based coating products made for flashing and other things and they’re really good and they are, I use them every single day.

And these products are really great up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. So in the wintertime we do have the capability on low slope roofing to make leaks go away, to take care of areas. If we can pinpoint a specific area, we can take care of those pretty easily with some of the products that we have. And uh, they’re also moisture cure. So that works well. You know, just in the moisture season as well, here were the advanced commercial systems. We have a, what do we have? We have, here’s a big question concerning my commercial roof. Should I repair the roof, replaced the roof or try to put a maintenance plan and also what about restoration? And so let’s talk about repair or replace repair or replacing a roof in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So really depends on just what your specific roof looks like and what your money looks like.

You know, repairing a roof is going to be much cheaper than roof replacement obviously. But what we like to be able to do is come into you and sit down with you and share with you and your staff or whoever the decision makers are. Um, the different aspects is of of a full roof replacement versus a reroofing, um, verse or layover is, is oftentimes call and, and then that versus a roof restoration. Now, roof restoration here in Commercial Roofing Tulsa is where we come in. We clean the roof, lot of times power wash, any open problematic areas. We can take some a coating products with some cloth in, seal those up, any low pawning areas, we can actually build those up. But we can also just create, uh, create longterm silicone waterbeds that can literally hold ponding for 10 years, 15 years without a problem.

We’ll do all of that and then we’ll come in and cover the entire roof with a beautiful white coating that’s reflective of UV rays. It’s going to bring the energy costs down through building dramatically. And so we were, my son and I, we were just on a roof two days ago and I told him to touch the metal part of the rest. So he touches it. He said, wow, that’s pretty hot. And then like eight inches away, touch that white spot where that coding is. And it’s not hot at all. It’s just whew, it’s warm. It’s not hot at all. And so here in commercial roofing Tulsa, this is what we see all the time when we’re bringing the best products to you, uh, to try to help your roof stay cool. It’s literally by polyglass where poly bright products. So they literally call, there’s the cool roof and not meaning and you know it’s Jiggy, but meaning temperature wise it dramatically drops the temperature, which causes great energy efficiency for your building.

Lot of times 20 to 30% energy savings just in running your air conditioning in the summertime and stuff like that. It really goes along way. It pays for itself. Definitely. So the roof restoration also being a tax write off a 100% tax write off for that year, that is deal as well. So here with advanced commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Tulsa, so we want you to just give us a call. If you can do, we can do anything for you. We’d love to work with you and assist you and really just, yeah, just advise you if anything on what your specific problem is.