Well here we are again and our officers here to that commercial systems. We have our staff pouring in this morning. It’s early morning. It is eight o’clock exactly 8:00 AM many times. We start our podcast here with advanced commercial systems early in the morning. We do a podcast for about 1520 minutes. We’ll get everything ready. We get that podcast done and then we begin to have our Monday morning meetings. So today is a beautiful Monday. It is 8:00 AM just turned eight oh one and we’re going to knock out another podcast for you and give you some just some basic information about who we are, what we are, basic general and some even quite detailed information about the Commercial Roofing Tulsa industry. So honestly, if you’re a building owner, if you own a building, if you’re renting a building, if you’re occupying the space of a building and you’re responsible for the roofing systems, um, you know the damage, any damage done to it, any repairs need to be done.

If you’re a property manager, if your Ra commercial, a broker or realtor looking to list, sell or buy a commercial roof or a commercial building, envelope building, give us a call. We will be your best friends, the services we will offer you and the pricing that we offer you. Can I say free? Can I say there’s a no brainer out there for Commercial Roofing Tulsa and we’re the ones that has it and it’s called a free roof evaluation and that roof evaluation, we’re going to give you every aspect of that roof. What it’s about. How many layers, what’s a decking look like? What’s the current condition? Are there any the screws, is it a mechanically adhered? Is it a fashion system? Uh, what type of system, what type of TPO or is it mod bit? Is it metal? What’s the condition of the screws? What’s the condition of the parapet walls?

The HVHC unit curbing? Do they have can’t strips in the walls? You know everything about that roof. We’re going to work with you and share with you and educate you. When you get done with a roof with us, you will be so knowledgeable. If you’re a property manager or realtor, you’ll be so knowledgeable of that roof that you’ll be able to share in full clarity and detail with your client x, the exact condition of the roof and what’s the lifespan left in the roof and is there anything that needs to be done to the roofing system over the next five years, over the next one week to create, once again, a really good watertight roofing system in Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So that would do its job. Roofs have a job, they have a very detailed specific job. I want you to know that roofs have a job description that was written by the building engineer and the building architect that designed the building.

That roof has two jobs, number one, to keep water from getting in and number two, to move water to the exit. So there are drains. There are areas where the water is supposed to leave the roof. The roof’s job is to bring water, rainwater from the sky and take it to that exit point. If it’s not doing that, you’re going to have problems. You’re going to have leaking areas, you’re going to have issues that need to be taken care of, and so that’s what we do here with advanced commercial systems. We come out and give you a 24 hour free roof evaluation and we share every aspect in every detail of the roof with you. Our job is to make you look really smart. Now, if you don’t look smart and we’ve done our job, that’s your problem, but I’m telling you, I believe you’re already smart in the first place because you’re in the commercial industry, you’re in the commercial ownership during the commercial roofing, you’re in commercial real estate.

You’re a broker. You probably are already a pretty intelligent person, quite intelligent, I would say, and so this is going to bring something to your table. This is going to bring something to your portfolio. Your capability of sharing the, the intricate details of a roof with a client is going to make you shine. Now you might be meeting a client in commercial roofing, Tulsa to our potential client, trying to win their business, trying to share with them how good you can take care of listing their property or be in a property and leasing management. I’ll tell you what, if you’re a property manager, you really, really want a good relationship with advanced commercial systems. This is what we do. We cater to property managers above all else. And here’s why we have and understand after many years of working with property managers, the mindset of a property manager, do you know how many times my roof nerds or I had been called by a property manager and gone out and met with a building owner that’s disgruntled or a, uh, someone leasing space, uh, in a building.

And so there’s a small business there or a large business, but they’re disgruntled. They’re not happy because there’s this one consistent leak. This keeps causing problems. Were the guys that goes out and meets with them and it looks on a square in the eyes and say, Hey, listen, the property manager over this building, you know, chuck or Larry or Susan, you know, they gave us a call and we just want you to know we’re going to take care of this problem for you. Uh, we’re going to start working on it today. We’re going to solve this problem. The is going to go away and we want to thank you for being patient. We want to thank you for understanding that sometimes water can be smarter than us, but it’s not going to be in the long run. We’re going to find this leak, we’re going to find this issue and it’s going to go away.

So although you’ve already shown some patients, we’re just going to ask for a little bit more patients from you because sometimes it takes a little time to get this taken care of, but that’s exactly what we’re going to do. So I’m asking your permission. Do you have any problems with us getting on the roof right now? And when I say something like that, there are proper to have someone in a building, you know, someone leasing a space, small business owner that’s got a space. I have never had any flack, I’ve never had any issues. We’ve always had just the greatest, nicest people that we’ve worked. Because at the end of the day, I would say 99.5% of the time, generally people want to be happy. People want to choose, uh, to enjoy their day. Even when there’s a problem, it’s our Jag objected to choose joy and to have a good day.

So with Commercial Roofing Tulsa, that’s kind of what we bring to the table for you. We literally bring to the table for you, uh, this, this capability of interacting with your clients. And uh, there was a client of this, let me just tell you a story, not because we were talking about this and that was a real scenario. I mean there’s this one client, a over the 81st and Sheridan what? There was a leak in the roof. It’s a commercial building. It’s a TPO roofing system. And, uh, the 81st and Yale, sorry about that. And so the roof was leaking and the property manager, we’ve been taking care of the property for probably about three years and it’s a new leak. And we haven’t had a leak at this spot before, which seem really strange to me. I couldn’t really figure out why that was the case.

So what we did when we went out and did the initial inspection, we went up on the roof, we found some small spots, we tightened up, the league came back. Uh, the property manager calls us, we go out, we meet with the team that’s has the building that’s managed that actually staying inside of the building, uh, in commercial roofing, Tulsa. And as we meet with them, they suddenly begin to just gripe and complain. And they just had a, you know, they had some thousand dollar piece of equipment get ruined and we just begin to diffuse the heated situation. We began, you know, I personally was there. I began to diffuse the situation and share with them, hey listen, sometimes, you know, it takes more than one try. And guess what had happened, we couldn’t find the leak. There was no obvious leak. And so I personally call the property manager and said, you need to look into the h Vac unit because the roof, I took care of the leaks over there.

There are no leaks in the roof. I can’t find anywhere that the water would be coming in. I said, this roof looks like it’s gotten a new h vac unit. How long ago was that? He said, well, about a month ago. I said, well, that’s when the leak started. So we found out pretty quickly just by the, the principles of deduction that we found out pretty quickly in Commercial Roofing Tulsa that the roof is leaking now only because the HVHC units leaking. So we stepped up and called and interacted with the h Vac unit contractor that installed it. We met them out there, we showed them what was going on and they replaced the unit and the, and the unit is now not leaking. They had to put a new unit in. Now unfortunately, that, uh, HVC contractor had to be fully replaced. They were fired and they’re no longer managing that building.

But guess what? We’re still here and we’re still taking care of the buildings and we’re still doing the best that we can every day to not just take care of the roofing, but they’re really pro solve the problems we take care of gutter. I was seeling a window just to what, maybe five, six days ago, sealing a window because the window had the potential of leaking. So there’s so many different things concerning that can entire Commercial Roofing Tulsa. So building envelope that we want to take care of. But we were were, you know, one man said one time, the bigger the, the bigger the problem you can bring a solution to, the more you’ll get paid, the bigger the check. And so I truly believe that our job is to make leaks go away. And because of that, uh, whether they’re in a wall, whether in the building, but just merely because of that, uh, we’re going to get paid well and we’re going to have a good business and a good life.

But so I appreciate you joining another podcast as we, you know, it’s always an honor to be able to do all these podcasts and have it listen to so many times. And then also we get these transcribed. So if you ever want to read these podcasts, if you ever need some of the information, you can always go back and find the name of the podcast and specifically find it on our website. So these are being turned into articles so that we can have some content. And so here in commercial roofing Tulsa, we will take care of your roof and we’ll make it dry again. We hope you guys have a great day.